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Detroit Hawk City and the Virtues of Old Ladies.

Filed under: Life — Hawkwind @ 02:13:30 pm

First off I'd like to quickly say congratulations to the city of Seattle for our 1st ever Super Bowl appearance. I'm excited. That is all. You can read my Sports Blog at

And speaking of Seattle you must all remember our dear friend Mary Kay Letourneau. She's the teacher that had sex with and eventually married her student Vili Fualaau? Well she still lives in Seattle. Actually in a pretty nice area called Normandy park. I have some friends that live out there too, but unfortunately I haven't had the pleasure of seeing Mary Kay in public.

Which leads us to this weeks topic.

Lately there has been a lot of talk in the media about female child "Molesters." More specifically women that break the statutory rape laws. The debate is basically over their sentencing. Some people think that they should be charged just like any adult male citing that many women seem to get lesser sentences for similar crimes. Others believe that the cases should be looked at based on their individual characteristics and judged accordingly.

Now I don't think we need to debate whether sleeping with a minor is right or wrong. It's wrong and if you break the law you should be punished for it. Of course the definition of minor is different depending on which part of the world you're in. I'm talking about America though so for all intents and purposes please do not tread on me.

I personally don't believe that the psychological and emotional effects are that great on a young man who has sex with an older woman. As opposed to an older man forcing himself upon a young girl or boy, sex with an older woman can be seen as a good thing.

At 15 I think I was more then ready to go and it probably would have helped to have an experienced older woman showing me the ropes. I know it would have helped the poor girl that I lost my virginity to. All guys are terrible at lovemaking when we first start out and I bet a lot of us are still really bad today. I don't know how I am. I'm sure I'm great. I mean I have to be. I'm pretty good right?

More importantly an older mature woman can not only teach you how to make love but also how to act around women. I'm still learning that second one as well. A 16 year old girl doesn't know what she wants anymore then a 16 year old guy so you end up flailing around for a few minutes and then wondering later what happened. Then after that you tell your friends how much you rule. Even if you do know what to do at that age you're too shy to tell your partner about it.

My point is that there aren't many women that could forcibly "rape" a young man who has reached puberty. We're usually stronger then most adult women at this age. And I don't see how an experience that a young man finds extremely pleasurable ending with ejaculation is considered abuse? I've known of many guys under the age of 18 actually seeking out sex from prostitutes as it's less embarrassing then trying to make it with your girlfriend for the first time.

Look at our friend Vili. Mary Kay was so good that he stayed with her into his adulthood. Do you have the same girlfriend from when you were 13? How bout 20? Most marriages break up over issues like money, infidelity, or children. Could you imagine staying by your spouse's side while they were in prison for raping you? I don't even like the same music I did when I was 13 much less the same girls.

So here's to Villi and Mary Kay. Happy Anniversary whenever it is. Not unlike the Seahawks, you too beat the odds.

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