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These are the Breaks

Filed under: Life, Sex — Hawkwind @ 02:25:37 pm

My name is Geoffrey......lately I have had some troubles with my woman. I am 25 and just graduated from college. She is 21 and just beginning college.
We have been together for 3 years, but we have hit a rocky patch. We were talking the other day and she mentioned that maybe we should take a break, and I agreed because I need to get my shit together as well. I have no job and neither of us have vehicles. We live about 30 min away from each other so it is pretty hard for us to hang out.

The problem is that I love this girl. She loves me, but we do not know what to do. Taking a break is hard. I kind of have a crush on a girl from school, but she is always busy. I dont want to break up with my present girlfriend because I feel that if I do that I will lose her forever, but I cant handle this break thing because she still wants to hang out, but not have sex. That is too hard for me. She calls me all the time and I answer, but I cant stop wondering why things have to be different only in the sex department, it is like why hang out if we cannot do that, but I love her...I am messed up man. What should I do?


On a break without sex

The easy answer here is to break up with your current girlfriend. You did not have one positive thing to say about your relationship with her other then you love her and you think she loves you as well. I think if she loved you she would not want to take a break. She would also give it up. That is how chicks should truly say I love you. We do not need to hear it. My suggestion to women and this is a bit off subject but the more fucked up things you let us do to you in the bedroom like fucking you in the ass while shoving our fingers down your throat the more confident we feel in the relationship. But for you Geoffrey my advice, and this is only if you are too big of a pussy to break up with her, is bang as many chicks as possible until the break is over. You will either realize that you do not want to be with her and that you are better off dating other girls or she will find out and get really jealous and want you back. This is your chance to tell her that you need sex (again preferably anal) and if she would fuck you then you wouldn't have to go around with other girls.

I have a feeling that you may be lacking some confidence though so if it is hard for you to hook up with chicks just tell her that you did anyway.

I do not believe in breaks. They are stupid. If you want to have an open relationship based on distance or whatever good luck, but taking a break is just the long drawn out and ultimately more painful way to break up with someone. It gives you too much of a reason to fuck somebody else.

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