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Cheaters should stay on TV

Filed under: Life — Hawkwind @ 03:03:04 pm

Dear Jed and Lindsey,

I have a boyfriend who I have been together with for over a year. Last
week my girlfriends and I went to a party where I got totally blown
away drunk. I ended up sleeping with some guy I hardly know and I feel
like total crap. Should I tell my boyfriend or not? This has happened
one other time and I am not sure why I keep doing this.
Please help.


First off don't tell your boyfriend. I'm convinced now that telling
people you've cheated on them never solves anything. It makes them
trust you less and it makes you trust your partner less because you'll
always be worried that they are out there cheating on you.

Next I would suggest that you stop getting drunk and cheating on your
boyfriend. Maybe you should start by trying not to drink when you go
out. You don't need tell anyone why you're not drinking and if they
ask just say that you're taking a little break. Plus people love to
hang out with designated drivers. I know I do. I have a program with a
local AA group where I call some of the members when I get really
hammered. They come and pick me up and take me home safely. It's a
win-win situation. I get a free ride and they get reminded as to why
they quit drinking in he first place. Sometimes we get Taco Bell.

If you go out and still end up cheating on your boyfriend when you're
sober then you have a bigger problem. You're a cheating slut. There's
not a lot you can do about that, but just to make it easier on you and
your future boyfriends you should probably try to stay single as long
as possible. I know things happen and of course nobody is perfect
9especially drunk0 but there's really no excuse to ever cheat on
anyone. And if you cheat on me wear a condom or better yet fuck
another girl. I won't even get bummed. Honest.

TOPIC of the WEEK - What constitutes cheating?

Ok here's my list- kissing another dude, intercourse, touching a dudes
wang, ass play, hanging out with some dude I'd don't like, sleeping
over at some dude's house, going out to dinner alone with a guy, e
mailing some dude, adding him to your myspace profile, talking on the
phone with some dude that I don't know, getting a ride, excepting
gifts, giving out your number and so on and so on.

See the point is we know the difference between right and wrong so why
do we continue to see and speak with people we want to be with
romantically while we're still in commited relationships. I think we're all
just afraid to be alone. You should actually try being alone sometime. It's
really quite relaxing.

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