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The Commited

Filed under: Life — Hawkwind @ 01:06:44 am

Commitment is a tough one man. Why is it that dudes are the only animals on the planet that are expected to commit to one person for the rest of their lives. I know youre gonna say that dolphins stay with one mate their whole lives but who wants to fuck a dolphin? Well this one dude does and he can tell ya how.

As aside wonder if anyone has ever fucked a tiger?

Anyway Im having a hard time with commitment. At 25, I am not supposed to be settled down right. Trust me Im as far from settling as I have ever been. The problem is that I want to be in a committed relationship with just one woman. This is a new and confusing feeling to me. Its only been in the last 6 months or so that I have felt this way. I used to think I never wanted to get married or have kids. I do not know why I feel this way now when I am sure as shit not moving anywhere near that direction. If anything its gotten worse. If you uhhh know what I mean. Maybe I am trying to squeeze in as much action as I can before I end up settling down.

See I do want a normal regular life. I do want to have a house and maybe a couple kids and I do not want to run around and cheat on my wife. That is not too much to ask right?

All of my older married friends that have to wake up for work tomorrow are rolling in the in beds right now. They are gonna show up for work more tired then usual and have no idea why. Its cause their buddy who they have lived vicariously through for the last 6 years is dying. Im going from slug to butterfly or some less metro sexual bug. Or at least I am trying to. These feelings I have change weekly if not daily though. Next week I may not want to ever get married.

See the thing is I see how fuckin bummed all these married guys are. Women love to deny this or make a joke out of it but its really true. Guys hate being married. I have tried to explain it to girlfriends before. I have had friends tell me how bummed out they were at their wives or that they feel trapped in their jobs because they have to provide for their families. When I have told women about it in the past they just act like its a joke or that I am exaggerating. Start paying attention to it or youre gonna be that single mom posting on craigslist saying that you just want a nice secure man to enjoy your life with but you are so lonely that you will settle for giving some jobless schlub a blowjob while he rests his beer on your head.

As scary as marriage and kids and all that is to me I dont think thats my problem when it comes to committing. I think at this point its more of an instinctual feeling that makes me want to fuck as many women as possible. I think it may be part of the old brain. Like the reptilian part cause I know the part that I talk to everyday is telling me the opposite. Hes telling me to slow down and be a nice guy and not fuck chicks that happen to be best friends cause eventually theyre gonna tell each other and everyone is gonna think youre a scumbag. This totally happened to a guy I know.

Maybe all of this is just a phase. Maybe I will meet my future ex-wife tomorrow.

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