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Date or no Date

Filed under: Life — Hawkwind @ 09:04:34 pm

Is Deal or No Deal the dumbest fucking show ever or what? It's just idiots opening boxes. They think that there is some method to it when all it is, is a game of chance. Listen lady you are being offered $100,000 for doing nothing. Take the money! Besides that and "To Catch a Predator" (the show where a bunch of dudes try to bang some underage girl who loves Mike's Hard Lemonade) TV is at an all time low. Personally I love it!

I think everyone deserves a second date. I don't think you can tell enough
about a person just by one date. That being said I'm single and haven't had
a girlfriend in a really long time. What am I doing wrong?

It's not that you are doing anything wrong; it's that you are really
annoying. Men sit there and complain about how annoying women are when
really, they are the annoying ones. I was at a house last night trying to
sleep on the couch when a group of dudes showed up and wouldn't shut up. One
of the guys was applauding at anything funny his friends said. I was laying
there thinking, this is really fucking stupid man. I got up and gave them a
lecture about how they have no right to accuse women of being annoying. Then
I left. My point is that you are either talking too much, or not enough. On
top of this, you are probably not doing anything she wants. The three keys
to getting a second date are this:

1. Ask her what she wants to do, and do it.
2. Keep up with her pace....don't be too loud or too quiet.
3. Be original....don't make any moves.

If you can follow those three things then you are on your way to her
bedroom. Congrats!

Nobody deserves a second date. You either like someone and want to ask them out again or you don't. Myself, I don't think I've ever really been on a successful date. Going on dates is something weird that New Yorkers do. The rest of us just hook up drunkenly at bars or parties.

Lindsey, how can you say this guy is annoying? You don't even know him. And what is this men are annoying line? Men and women are both equally annoying, just in different ways. Usually Men do annoying things like leaving the toilet seat up or fucking your best friend but women annoy the shit out of us with their constant nagging. We all know this to be true but we just accept it and move on.

What you're doing wrong my friend is that you're being too nice with this 2nd date crap. The men that women want to be with don't have "rules" or "criteria" for dating. You show up and if the chick is a pig, dates over. It's that simple. If she's cool and good looking don't worry about it and ask her out again. As far as asking her what she wants to do? Please. Have you ever asked a woman what she wanted to do? They have no fucking clue. Do whatever you want. She'll respect you for that.

Topic: Worst date ever?

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