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He Said He Would Call

Filed under: Life — Hawkwind @ 08:02:29 pm

Back among the living.....after a hallucinogenic flu and what some call "monkey butt" or "road ass" (I know it's gross people but when you're taken from your element and all you eat for 5 days is Mexican food, bbq, and beer it does a number on your system) your boy is ready for all your questions. Line up the straight shots of Pepto Bismol and away we go.

Q: If a guy is into you, would he want you to call him everyday to show that you're really into him and that you care? I know all guys are different but I get the feeling that this particular guy would like for me to SHOW that I'm really into him. I don't call everyday to avoid him thinking I'm chasing him but if he'd like for me too then I definitely would. What do you think?

Jed said: I have a feeling this is from one of our younger readers. On no circumstance whatsoever should you feel the need to call someone everyday. Would you like someone calling you everyday? I hate talking on the phone. Most men hate talking in general. What fascinating piece of information will you share with this guy everyday? That you don't like Joan in accounting because she dresses like a slut at work? The only part of that conversation a guy hears is "Sluts and Work" and then we tune you out and start thinking about some "all female construction site porno movie." By this point you've already planned our weekend together and you're asking us if we're still paying attention to you which we aren't. Call us when you have something interesting to say or when you want to hang out and then make the conversation short and sweet. You should look at phone calls as the opposite of blow jobs. One should be every couple days and to the point. The other should be daily and if you could really put some soul into it this time we'd appreciate it. Please?

Lindsey says: Phone calls are odd. How many times have you been hanging out with a guy and watched him make a phone call to one of his friends or family members to say "hi" ? Normally, guys make phone calls because they have a reason. They either have a question and need an answer, or they are calling someone back. Guys don't generally like talking on phones. They will, but they would rather see you in person. They like to see things. What I am trying to get at is, I personally don't think you should call this guy unless he calls you. Let him lead. If he wants to get a hold of you, he will. Then, you can call him back. It's pretty simple. If you want to call someone, call a girlfriend. If you need advice, or help, then call your boyfriend because guys like helping women. This phone call will make him feel good and special. But just calling to say hi will confuse him. He will wonder why. You will not have an answer and then things will get awkward until someone says something funny or witty.

Girl: Hey there
Boy: What's up
Girl: How are you doing today?
Boy: pretty good
Girl: what are you doing?
Boy: Hey, can I call you back.
Girl: Why?

Now, the girl starts thinking she said something wrong when really, the guy just doesn't want to talk on the phone. He never calls back either. Unfortunately, she will start calling uncontrollably thinking something is wrong, while he starts thinking she wants to dump him, or that she is mad so he doesn't answer at all. She eventually really does get mad and decides to dump him....So just remember, some people can't stand talking on phones. There is nothing more to the story. No one is cheating on anyone. My only advice would be to find someone with similar phone interests. Just like you would want to find someone with other common interests, like if you like rock climbing, then it would be cool to have a partner who was into rock climbing. That sort of thing.

Topic of the week: Do phone calls really make a difference if you truly like someone or not? Do men like it when women call? Or, would men rather be the ones to call the ladies?

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