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Milf's Gone Wild

Filed under: Life — Hawkwind @ 11:18:08 pm

I tell ya what, LA may be different then Seattle, but the OC is like another fucking planet. I will not go into the full details of last night as I don't have the stomach to relieve it here myself. I will say that if you ever had any doubts that white people were the cause of most of the world's problems then make a trip down to Orange County and go out drinking some night. You can stare into the botoxed face of Satan himself. Scary shit kids.

And now for some viewer mail!

Dear Jed and Linz

I recently met a guy that is much older then me. He's 33 I'm 19. He also has a couple kids from a previous marriage. I wouldn't say I'm the best looking girl in the world and I haven't ever really had a relationship before this. I have had sex before, so I do not feel uncomfortable around men. I'm just not sure about how to tell my folks when I feel a little bit weird about the age difference myself.


You're asking about how to break the news to your folks, when you probably should be asking yourself what it is that attracts you to this guy. If you're nervous about the age difference then it leads me to believe that there might be something else going on that is giving you pause about your relationship. At 33 he's had a lot more life experience then you have. You're barely out of high school and he's already been divorced. You need to ask yourself why he wants to be with you as well. I have issues with a man is his 30's wanting to date a teenager. What do you two have in common? You say that you're not attractive. Do you think he's the best you can do? You can do better. You just know it yet.

I would ask him where he thinks the relationship is going. When you two can get to a place where you both feel comfortable and the age thing is not an issue then tell your parents. If it still bothers you, then give yourself some more time. You still have plenty of living to do and the best way to figure it all out is on your own.

Hey guys,

I've been going out to bars a lot lately with my buddies and hooking up with a bunch of Milf's. We've kinda figured it out that if we go to the right bar we don't even have to hit on chicks our age. These older women will just come up to us. My question is this. A lot of times these women will talk about their husbands, even though they know in a few hours I'll be banging them. Do you think it's wrong of me to sleep with a married woman or should I just look at it like it's no big deal and keep banging away?


Great question. I felt like I was turning into Dr. Phil here lately. Short answer is bang as many as you possibly can. You're only young once and since these women are married you don't have to deal with any relationship bullshit that would hinder you from hanging out with your buddies and banging more sexy old ladies. We call these chicks Urban Cougars. A Milf is one that you'd like to be with. An Urban Cougar is one that comes to you. God bless these older women for treating young men in exactly the same way that men have been treating women for thousands of years. It's kinda nice to be on the same page every once in awhile. My only other advice is learn how to duck as one of these "husbands" is likely to shoot you in the ass if he ever catches you nailing his wife.

Question of the week: What is the biggest age difference between you and someone that you have dated/slept with and do you think it had any bearing on the relationship?

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