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Straight Up


Filed under: Life — Hawkwind @ 01:33:53 pm

Dear Jed and Lindsey,

About two months ago I met a guy named Jeff off the internet (yeah for being
a dork). Well, we hung out and things went okay for a while. One night I had
to hang out at Jeffs house alone while his roommate, Sam, was there. Turns
out, me and Sam got along GREAT! I mean, Sam and I got along so well that I
found myself wanting to go over to see him instead. Eventually Sam and I
started talking online and about getting together without mentioning it to
Jeff. Sam wanted to let me know that he thought I was so much better than
all the other girls Jeff brought home. He also told me a lot of dirt on
Jeff, so he let me in on how the guy I WAS seeing really was. One thing
led to another and I ended up telling Sam that I really liked him, and that
I was VERY attracted to him. WAY more than Jeff! Sam FIT what I wanted with
both looks and personality. So now Sam and I have continued things and
have seen each other when Jeff wasn't home. Making sure I leave before he
gets home. Things are over with Jeff in my mind, but I really want things
to work out with Sam. I will never be able to go over there when they both
are there, or can I? Jeff has a "girlfriend" apparently, but is still butt
hurt that I turned him down. I mean REALLY butt hurt about it!! He continues
to write blogs about me on his homepage sending little innuendos, and also
tells me he doesnt understand why I dont like him any more. Come on deal
with it!! Do you think it would be wise for Sam or I to confront Jeff and
let him know that we are interested (very much) in each other? Or should we
just sneak around until we know FOR SURE that Sam and I will last, just so
that it wont affect the guys relationship? Cause thats what I am worried
about most. I don't want them to get in a fight, or worse, have Jeff throw
Sam out of the house because he went after me.
What do you think?
By the way I really, really like Sam. I could give a shit about the original
guy, Jeff, he is a total liar and freak who got pissed over little shit. Not
my type at all I found out.

First off both of these dudes sound like dorks. Jeff is obviously a loser if he is writing about you on his homepage. It doesnt even sound like you guys really dated. I think you need to have a real relationship with someone before you do crazy shit like that. Ive done some fucked up embarrassing shit in the past but this with girls that I dated for years. People I lived with. Not some chick I met on the internet and hung out with. Youre right to not want to be with that kinda guy.

Then you got Sam. What kinda buddy snakes his best friends girlfriend. The part about talking shit about Jeff is the oldest trick in the book. Guys always tell girls a bunch of shit about some dude being a player or whatever. We just say what we want you to hear. Sam knew you liked him so he was just talking shit saying the guy doesn’t treat you right and you deserve better. These are just lines to get you naked. I know this because it works.

If Sam really liked you he would have the guts to tell his roommate. Regardless if he likes you or not he should tell his roommate. As crazy as Jeff sounds I bet he wont even care in a week. Plus he fucked you first so hell always have that on Sam.


  1. I have to say that as much I hate it I agree with Jed, I mean I thought about it while reading the letter and yea the first thing I thought of was why is Jeff's room mate talking about him in a bad light - then I thought yea he just wants her to dump Jeff so he could get with her. Guys are like that but ironically girls are like that too.. I think I might point out the n ot so good stuff about a girl if the guy I was after was kinda interested in her but in the end its messy so maybe I wont - who cares Im not dating anymore anyways - the main thing is this, both those guys are losers who probably runs a train on each other's girlfriends - oh!! hey maybe they compete with each other and you are just the competition at the moment - the minute Sam scores - you're out!!! maybe Sam wins like 20 bucks for boning you and like you dont even get dinner. That would suck but that the harsh reality. I bet you at this very moment Jeff knows youre over at the apt cause ummmm Sam told him - I would say bleed Sam for all he's worth, dinner, a movie, shoes, burrow his car and drive it untill its empty,have him pay your bills I mean whatever it is that he is stupid enough to give up and then maybe bone him if youre really horny and then that way if you were a just a bet you would have gotten more than the $20 Sam might have gotten.
    I know youre thinking but he really is a nice guy, thats bullshit, nice guys dont diss their friends over some pussy - amd if your boyfriend cant trust his room mate can you trust him?

    Comment by icequeen [Member] — 10/18/05 @ 16:33

  2. hey while youre at it bleed Jeff too -

    Comment by icequeen [Member] — 10/18/05 @ 16:35

  3. hehe welcome back alex.. fuck those guys at work, and make it a point to stick your head into the website every spare moment you get - we missed you :)

    Comment by icequeen [Member] — 10/19/05 @ 21:01

  4. yeah I'm totally write again. Ice queen is not really that icey. she has a cool accent too.

    Comment by Hawkwind [Member] — 10/20/05 @ 19:41

  5. Thank you Jed for the compliment:) but you may ruin my cold as ice reputation :) Speaking of reputation, Jed seems really cool and one could say likable - even by the icequeen herself hehe...

    Comment by icequeen [Member] — 10/21/05 @ 00:32

  6. Trust me, I'm not really that cool. I'm just paid to act that way.

    Comment by Hawkwind [Member] — 10/21/05 @ 02:18

  7. Well here's to an Oscar hehe - Deep inside you you know you're a sweet guy, but we wont tell anyone - wink wink :)
    What is it with guys that its taboo to be nice unless you're trying to get some ass? I mean is it that label that nice guys finish last that scare guys? Because it is my understanding that we women like nice guys - I mean no one wants a jerk for a boyfriend. I mean you can be a nice guy and still have a streak of bad boy in you-whats the premise behind that - nice guys who play the bad boy or vice versa -

    Comment by icequeen [Member] — 10/21/05 @ 09:57

  8. Comment number 7 was actually left by some other dick impersonating me, but maybe it's true.

    Comment by Hawkwind [Member] — 10/21/05 @ 15:12

  9. How about Comment #5 does that still stand or is IceQueen still a bitch with the vagina of a 9 year old.. (hahha)

    Comment by icequeen [Member] — 10/21/05 @ 15:55

  10. ....and pleeeeeeaze dont tell me that there are 2 of you because one is more than enough ...considering of course if you were paid to act that way :)

    Comment by icequeen [Member] — 10/21/05 @ 15:57

  11. Sorry for imposing.....and I dont mean to come across as rude, but you guys are both jerks. I have to pay people to make me talk to you. OH wait, that didnt make any sense, I mean, people have to pay me to talk to you.

    So, today in the life of a crazy person, my car was in desperate need of an oil change. Luckily I was able to get it in gear so that I could make it to the closest jiffy lube. After pulling in, the attendent told me that I needed to pull my car behind the B..M..W in line, accentuaing the fact that my Ford was a piece of shit. As I pull into reverse I realize it wont go back into drive and I am gliding out onto the main drag of traffic. I sit there and panic as two men walk over and have to push my car. The attendent then tells me to proceed to the lobby because he has to ask his manager if he can actually "work on" my car. Turns out, my car was too fucked up for Jiffy Lube. So, I drive over to the University Village Automotive Full Service place. Note: My car decides when it wants to go into gear.... I walk in and ask for help. Yea, my car sucks. I dont think I need to go on any further because I guess the u-valve, twisty knob, cylinder gas tank incharger blew up when they were working on it and three of the attendents were killed. The police are now after me and I am hiding out in an underground bunk with my laptop.

    Comment by Linzalicious [Member] — 10/21/05 @ 21:04

  12. P.S I was lying. I dont have a laptop. I use my computer generated cellphone with dual answering machine semi automatic charged cheezy nutt balls to check my emails. And this.

    Comment by Linzalicious [Member] — 10/21/05 @ 21:08

  13. Ok calm down... your car was too fucked up for Jiffy Lube !! That sucks! You should sue those bastards for discriminating - I have a Ford its not a piece of shit and its at 175000 miles - but I wont take it to Jiffy Lube cause those guys are shit heads...
    So is it better now ? do you have mechanical insurance ? Did you get a rental?
    And you should have called Jed to help you hehehe maybe he would have cussed out the guys at Jiffy Lube and tell them to Lube something else in a Jiffy ( that is if he was really a jerk - not the cool Jed)

    Comment by icequeen [Member] — 10/21/05 @ 23:37

  14. Actually, my car has 170k miles too....What model do you have? I did get the oil chage but they left me with a long list of things that are either urgent, slightly urgent, can wait, or before it breaks down. He said that the grinder or uv thing, I cant get the word right, that connects to my gas tank could go at any minute and if it falls off when I am on the highway it will drive off the road and blow up. Thats how he made it sound......He was such an exaggerator. I bet I can drive that car for 5,000 more miles before I have to do anything with it. Thats why I dont like taking it in to those places. Its like going to the doctor and finding out you have all these horrible diseases and need all these additional tests when really you might just be a little stressed. Whattever. I dont have mechanical insurance, I just need a man who knows how to work on cars.

    Comment by Linzalicious [Member] — 10/21/05 @ 23:59

  15. P.S Jed is cool, sometimes he gets a little moody....or pissy.

    Comment by Linzalicious [Member] — 10/22/05 @ 00:24

  16. hehe - is he metro? j/k - From what I gather he seems cool - I have a 2002 Ford Mustang GT, but I travel alot as alot of my business takes me to Woodlands TX which is an hour away. Maybe you should get a second opinion. Go to like Auto zone or go to a mechanic and tell them to run the computer on your car and give you a printout of what it reads - froom there you can decipher the bullshit from the real thing. What make and model is yours? Dont worry they always say that but just be careful especially if you are shifting gears, maybe its the Transmission - make sure you have enough fluid in there or always walk with a bottle - is it leaking under your car? Well I am no car expert but I ask alot of questions hehe

    Comment by icequeen [Member] — 10/22/05 @ 02:49

  17. that is true. i am moody. lindsey calls me at 3 am sometimes.

    Comment by Hawkwind [Member] — 10/22/05 @ 22:32

  18. Yea I think its human ot be moody - Im a mooddy person also but I am mostly in a good mood or in a bitchy mood, recently horny but then Im in withdrawals from drinking so Im grouchy but for the most part Im high on life...

    Comment by icequeen [Member] — 10/23/05 @ 17:02

  19. 3am? I guess Im not the only insomniac on this site!! Although in my past experience any call after say 11pm is a BOOTY CALL !!!

    Comment by icequeen [Member] — 10/23/05 @ 17:04

  20. Yea, thats what I want to talk about.....insomnia man......why is it better than any drug I have ever tried...and I dont even have to do anything......I just get to stay awake....and I am happier...but scared to sleep...its the ghost...I finally realized what Afraid of the Dark really means......

    Comment by Linzalicious [Member] — 10/24/05 @ 03:14

  21. yea.. Im not afraid of anything per say, its just that I think and think and think about all kinds of shit and it just runs through my head like a carousel and it wont stop. THen my ears start ringing with silence and I just lay there for hours and I cant sleep. I mean I turn the television on, my stereo, whatever but I cant sleep. Ironically when the sun comes up I can sleep for a few hours - I need a shrink or a drink lol

    Comment by icequeen [Member] — 10/24/05 @ 12:07

  22. Your blog make me chuckle from beginning to end^_^!! It sounds absolutely great to me. Your blog is my favorite one!

    Comment by VoIP Blog [Visitor] — 04/06/08 @ 13:00

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