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Filed under: Life — Hawkwind @ 12:32:12 pm

Dear Jed and Lindsey,

A friend of mine recently started dating a guy that she met online through a dating website. I have had what I would consider normal and healthy relationships in the past, but I would be into trying something new. I am scared of the unknown as so I am wondering if there are any reasons I should not date someone that I meet online.


Well Sarah this could very well turn into a commercial for this website but since you guys are already reading this you must already know the score.

First I will say that I have never hooked up with someone online. I do know a lot of people who have and the only problems they have run into are the same ones you would have meeting somebody at a grocery store. It is a great way to communicate and I have made dates with people I know through e mail. It actually helps take away some of the pressure of a phone call or asking someone out in person. That delete button comes in very handy before sending someone an email.

Basically there are not any reasons why you should not got out with someone you met online. We are in the midst of a technological revolution. Everything is faster and more efficient these days and dating shouldnt be any different. Being afraid of online dating is akin to be scared to go on a date in a car in the early 20th century. I would say just go for it and use the same precautions you would for any other type of dating.



  1. Online dating is off limits for me - People are seldom who they say they are and it is extremely true that sometimes what people write arn't really a true reflection of themselves - for instance I am obnoxious and arrogant online but in reality “I'm just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.” hehe my favorite quote from Notting Hill Julia Roberts to the hottt and sexy Hugh Grant...but I'm still arrogant and obnoxious. I guess the rule is to date in public, background checks and never let them know it was you - and don't look at the movie "You've got Mail or Sleepless in Seattle before going on your date -

    Comment by icequeen [Member] — 10/10/05 @ 16:12

  2. sorry typo on the second to last line of the post above - background checks and NEVER LET THEM KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE ...

    Comment by icequeen [Member] — 10/10/05 @ 16:14

  3. Hello Strangers - nice change, but where is everyone? I'm glad to see my favorite IceQueen is at least still here, missed her going off on Jed we have become a Q & A forum, well I have a question
    Dear Jed and Lindsey, (and Ice)
    I recently took a trip to Jamaica and met this wonderful guy Sean who lives there. Paul is a bartender at the resort where I stayed at and we had a wonderful and romantic time since I was there for a month and a half with the company I worked for. Well I am back in the US and I miss my friend very much. HE is very handsome and smart and well thinking about him turns me on. We email each other alot and talk on the phone but thats expensive and Ice I know you and Linzalicious was talking about voice messages but I tell you, you are right because nothing can repace a voice and that Jamaican accent is hot. Well my question is Long distance relationships, how does that work? How long do you have to know a brother from long distance to hook up seriously. He was planning on visiting for christmas and then Id go for Spring break. What do you guys think?

    Comment by shari [Member] — 10/10/05 @ 20:05

  4. Hey Ice, saw your picture and profile, you don't look anything like I imagined but you look great! Maybe Ill post a pic.

    Comment by shari [Member] — 10/14/05 @ 15:01

  5. Hey Shari, its fucking unreal I only posted my pic like midnight lastnight and I already got like 10 emails and like 4 kisses - and I did say I wasnt looking... Boys will be boys anyways I will be taking it down pretty soon, can't have my pic out there behind the insane shit that I say and write sometimes hehe you knw what I mean? Hows your Jamaican man doing?

    Comment by icequeen [Member] — 10/14/05 @ 15:50

  6. does Jed ever monitor his blog heheh

    Comment by icequeen [Member] — 10/15/05 @ 11:43

  7. yes, jed monitors it, but he is a traveller, as in, he is in Idaho right now at a motel all by himself watching televsion. He doesnt have internet......he is kind of a wanderer......every now and then you will hear from him and then he disappears into thin air.

    Comment by Linzalicious [Member] — 10/16/05 @ 07:14

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