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Decent Proposal

Filed under: Life — Hawkwind @ 03:16:14 pm

Dear Cats and Dogs

I have been off and on with my boyfriend for the last four years. We
started dating
our Senior year of high school and then we took a break for two years.
We have been back together for the past year and the relationship has
been going great.
In the mean time, we bought a house together and things seem to be
progressing. I
am thinking about proposing to him. Do you think that would be a good idea?
Do you think that I should
be waiting for him? I believe he will say yes, but I just wanted to get some
input on this idea.


I tend to think of marriage as more of a female "need" then a male
"want." What I mean is that I don't remember playing "house" with any
of my guy friends when I was a kid. Girls start thinking about babies
and marriage way before they even get their periods. I've never
understood it but it's obvious that this is some instinctual trait
that women have.

That being said as guys get older a lot of us also start to think about
settling down. I know lots of guys that have kids and they couldn't be
happier. It's cool to have a little dude version of yourself to throw
the ball to. It also gets pretty old running around with lots of
different women. As much trouble as a wife can be having 2 or 3
girlfriends is a whole nother headache. I think that's why they
invented called id. Anyway I believe that human beings are supposed to
be monogamous later in life in the same way that I think young dudes
should try to bang as many chicks as possible. You can only be the
alpha male for so long before some younger monkey comes along and
knocks you off your rock though. At that point you're gonna need someone to
cook the bananas. It's just the order of things.

By the way is there anything funnier then monkeys? They think they're people sometimes.

So my advice to you Carries is to give it a shot. I'd be flattered if
a girl asked me to marry her. And if I wanted to stay with her it'd
probably be wise of me to say yes. At least by asking you'll know if
he feels the same way about you.

Topic of The week:
Do young people (other then the gays) still feel the need to get married
these days or can you have a long and healthy relationship without
ever saying I do?


  1. I used to think that I wanted to get married. I have been engaged for a little over three years and now am coming to the conclusion that its not really necessary. Its sort of lost its luster as the time goes by. Curious to hear what other's thoughts are on this question.

    Comment by robin [Visitor] — 12/28/05 @ 21:45

  2. From the lovely Islands I am saying hello... I missed you guys (Jed, Lindz have to get you presents wheni get presents when I get back) I cannot even get internet access here its a shame ...Jed, youre softenning up on me ... Will you marry me Jed haha .. we'll have great sex the fiirst year and then maybe a dude version of you later hahha ...Id say dont so it Carrie, right now marriage is a romantic view, it seems pretty and romantic but it never stays that way and you end up hating your best friend .. let him chase you ...forever ....I miss you guys ...I hope to be home too Alex and Juji

    Comment by icequeen [Member] — 12/28/05 @ 22:29

  3. BTW - I hope you guys got all you hoped for and have a happy new year ... Jed,I know youll figure it out one day and when you do I think you'll make an awesome husband and father .. me softenning up a bit lol.. its the salt water I tell good

    Comment by icequeen [Member] — 12/28/05 @ 22:39

  4. hey, icequeen!!!! stay in the islands or gest drown in the way back! i sow him first! i want to give u a present too... a tribal necklace whith all your 32 teeth on it! : )

    Comment by rainha mestra [Visitor] — 12/29/05 @ 15:25

  5. hey, icequeen!!!! stay in the islands or gest drown in the way back! i sow him first! i want to give u a present too... a tribal necklace whith all your 32 teeth on it! : )

    Comment by rainha mestra [Visitor] — 12/29/05 @ 15:26

  6. Topic of the week: Why do men suck?

    Comment by Linzalicious [Member] — 12/29/05 @ 16:30

  7. why dont winem stop worry about it, and enjoy life as it is presented to them?

    Comment by rainha mestra [Visitor] — 12/29/05 @ 17:18

  8. damn Jed ... raining on your menstral has it bad for you lol .. is it a guy? lol ... dont worry menstrual Jed one to die for ...

    Comment by icequeen [Member] — 12/29/05 @ 20:43

  9. Are these real questions?? It seems like she is afraid of losing him but they bought a house together so more than likely he won't be going anywhere since that would be a pain-in-the-ass...

    Comment by ThisGirlKnowsAll [Visitor] — 01/01/06 @ 16:54

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