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plastic surgery...

Filed under: Posts — DitigalAgitation @ 06:43:09 am

I was bored the other night and while flipping through the channels, came across the Dr. 90210 show. Just about every person on there is either getting a breast augmentation, nose job, or lipo. Of course, these are "the norm" as far as making yourself look better is concerned. But then there was a woman having cheek implants replaced... and that brings me to my subject today.

Really fucked-up plastic surgery.

There are people out there that go for the obvious, and then others that totally go for really unusual things.

Take Jocelyn Wildenstein for an example. She has had so many surgeries that her face looks like something out of a horror movie...

Or there's the "catman" who had surgery and tattoos so that he would look like a cat... even with whiskers, sharpened fangs, and claws!

Those are a little extreme, but there are tons of people out there that are maybe just going a little too far... or maybe they're doing just what they want to do? What's your opinion? When does it go too far?

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