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The Pain Game

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Is a little pain mixed with your pleasure on Valentines day? Well, here are a couple of things you might want to look at...

Slappers and Floggers: Paddles, whips, and other things to spank with. There are such a variety of different things to choose from. Just about anything you could imagine. Does it really turn you on when the girls get the ruler from the priest in catholic school? Do you like paddling someone when they're bad? A good place to start is with floggers. You can get these in several different materials depending on what pain level you're wanting. Soft cloth to leather, and anything in between.

Clamps: Another fun thing to play with is clamps. There are clamps for many different puposes. Some are designed to clamp onto a part of your body and exert pressure for pain. Others have weights attached for stretching. And yet others have chains so that they can be attached to other body parts, or used as leashes.

Shockers: A spin-off from the invisible fence, there are devices that you can use to give a small electric shock to your lover. Depending on your use, there are prodders that you can use to poke them in different places, and there are also ones that can be attached to different parts of the body and can give a variable shock via remote control. They can be quite fun with the right games...

As always, you need to be careful using such items with your partner, and have very good communication to avoid ill feelings, or even hurting them more than you want.

Have fun!

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