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My time here is up, friends...

Filed under: Posts — DitigalAgitation @ 11:25:42 am

I've been told that my time as the writer for Anatomy of the Kink here at Friendsation is complete... so I just wanted to let everybody know I have really enjoyed my time here! I think I may possibly continue the fetish/kink writing on here, and possibly cross-post on my personal blog at or my blog on myspace if anybody is interested in still reading... my blog for this week will follow this post...

I also wanted to reach out to my readers and ask for help with a photography project I'm working on... I am now conducting interviews with men and women to use as models in my upcoming photo series. I am preparing them to be shown in a gallery show this summer, so if you are interested in working with me, please message me and we can set up a time to meet.

I’m looking forward to these photos, and the upcoming show, so I hope to get some very good talent to work with me.

More details about the project will will be revealed at a later time.


Gokkun - keeping with the Japanese theme...

Filed under: Posts — DitigalAgitation @ 11:02:47 am

Gokkun is another interesting little practice in Japan, similar to bukkake, but not quite the same.

Gokkun involves men or women drinking semen.

Sometimes one or several men masturbate into a womans mouth, or maybe they receive a blow job from a woman and she swallows afterwards... but in true form of the Japanese, it just couldn't stop there, could it?

The Japanese have really turned this into a true art form, twisting and changing it in so many different ways, that it could never get old. Sometimes the men take turns ejaculating into a cup or glass until it's full, then the woman drinks it. There are even some instances where there are teams of men that race to fill up a glass or bowl to a certain amount, and the winning team has their semen eagerly quaffed by the judge.

But they don't just stop with bowls and cups, not at all. There are videos of semen being licked off of mirrors, plates, toothbrushes, eyeglasses, cleaning utensils, tables, dolls, and sometimes the practice is paired with bukkake and the semen is licked from their body or otherwise collected into a container for consumption.

Just remember, kids. Make sure you know where your semen is coming from before you drink it...


Bukkake, anyone?

Filed under: Posts — DitigalAgitation @ 10:38:08 am

So, who likes bukkake?

This fetish really has the roots of its popularity based in Japan, but it's really becoming more and more popular in other countries, and around the world.

For those of you that don't know what bukkake is, let me lay the groundwork for you.

Bukkake is a Japanese word that refers to the practice of showering a person with sperm, normally from a group of men. It really formed from necessity because in Japan, penetration has to be blurred out in porn movies, so they started coming up with more visually appealing sex acts that they didn't have to censor.

Increasingly popular, there are tons of videos and pictures of bukkake on the internet, especially from Japan (sites like have lots to choose from). There are also bukkake societies in cities around the globe, so if you're really interested in trying it out, start digging around the fetish scene in your area and see what you can get yourself in to.

Be forewarned, however. Bukkake groups usually have initiations, so you better make sure you know what you want...



plastic surgery...

Filed under: Posts — DitigalAgitation @ 06:43:09 am

I was bored the other night and while flipping through the channels, came across the Dr. 90210 show. Just about every person on there is either getting a breast augmentation, nose job, or lipo. Of course, these are "the norm" as far as making yourself look better is concerned. But then there was a woman having cheek implants replaced... and that brings me to my subject today.

Really fucked-up plastic surgery.

There are people out there that go for the obvious, and then others that totally go for really unusual things.

Take Jocelyn Wildenstein for an example. She has had so many surgeries that her face looks like something out of a horror movie...

Or there's the "catman" who had surgery and tattoos so that he would look like a cat... even with whiskers, sharpened fangs, and claws!

Those are a little extreme, but there are tons of people out there that are maybe just going a little too far... or maybe they're doing just what they want to do? What's your opinion? When does it go too far?


So, who likes the Russian ladies?

Filed under: Posts — DitigalAgitation @ 10:41:46 am

So... I don't know about everybody else, but I get tons of emails from Russians and Eastern Europeans looking for a love connection, especially here on Friendsation. I absolutely love the site and have met lots of really cool and interesting people on here, but I'm not really into those ladies myself. Anyway, I digress...

I know there are guys and gals out there that like Russians and Eastern Europeans, and there are various reasons for that.

First you have those people that just don't have the social skills required to meet a mate and make an arrangement with someone from another country... the whole "if you marry me, you get your citizenship" type of arrangement. But that's more of a business arrangement than a real attraction...

Second, there's the adventurous type. there are those that really love the accent of people from that part of the world. It's really exotic and interesting to meet people from other countries, and what better than actually having one living with you, 24/7? Not to mention, you would have the opportunity to actually travel back to their country and see things that most people would never be able to experience.

Third, the control freaks. What better way to control a mate than for them to have a language barrier? A friend of mine is interested in a "mail order bride" and his primary reason is to find a lady that can't speak any english... just so he can control her evey move.

So, as a final note, if there's anyone that reads my little blog that fits into the above categories of Eastern European/Russian lovers (or even one that I didn't note), please drop me a line... I have some men and ladies that you may be interested in...


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