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Finally Finished!

Filed under: Posts — DitigalAgitation @ 09:36:49 am

At last, we've finally finished editing all of the images and the calendar will very soon be on the way! It's been such a huge amount of work, I'm glad it's finally over.

Malady and I are working on some cool new sets that we hope to have up and ready by next week, so keep an eye out for some pics on my site and hers. Also, I'm hoping to shoot some of my art project models next week... and I may have some little teasers put up for people that are just too impatient to wait around to see what's going on... but nothing that will give too much away!

I also will be starting to write articles on here very soon, so you'll get the inside scoop on some very interesting and eye-opening things. A very exciting month, indeed!



The results of our tip...

Filed under: Posts — DitigalAgitation @ 06:09:35 pm

Oh, yeah... I had an absolute blast taking sexy pictures of bikini clad vixens this past week. I have tons of pictures at if you'd like to check them out... and you'd be crazy not to check out these fabulous ladies!

After the show... and the after party with the staff... we all went out to a strip club in Nashville. Club Platinum. I have to say, I was quite disappointed with our little visit to this club, let me tell you. Now, I know I'd just come from a bikini contest with gorgeous women, so I guess my expectations could have been a little overinflated, but I still think it would have been a bad experience any way you cut it. Here's a rundown of my "Platinum" experience.

When we got there, not only did they charge me to get in, but our female companions also. What kind of strip club charges women to come in, anyway? Well, after that we went in and there was a blonde dancing topless on the stage. Now, normally that wouldn't be a problem at all, but this poor girl had the unfortunate genetics that cause something I call "flap-jack boobs." And it doesn't end there, either. She was totally lackadaisical in her expression and movement, not even dancing in time to the music, and staring at some fixed spot on the celing the entire time. Some guys were sitting at the stage and one of them held up a single for her. She bent down, grabbed her poor pitiful tits and used them as a makeshift dollar-grabbing appendage... and I honestly doubted her ability to grab something that substancial with them.

The other girls were similarly unimpressive besides two of them. There was one girl that was totally pissed off... got in trouble for something at work apparently and was just about crying when she stumbled on stage. She also carried around a towel and wiped off the stripper poles, and the ground before she touched them. How, exactly, do you become a stripper and also be a germophobe? That shit just doesn't mix, does it? I mean, does she go back stage after a lap dance and wash herself down with moist towelettes? And how does she get her cut of the money at the end of the night knowing that it's touched the delicate parts of the other ladies at the club? Anyway, I digress...

The one girl that really kept everyone's attention was this little brunette socialite. She did a mediocre show, but then she worked the tables. She was the only reason most of the guys went up to the stage. She would make deals with them, saying she'd kiss the dancing girl, or make the dancer get money out of her g-string... now that's the All-American entrepreneurial spirit you expect to see in a gentlemen's club, my friends!

The real cherry on top of the night happened to be when I was asked if I wanted a lap dance... and it was none other than "flap-jack boobs" herself! I politely declined, and we boogied out of there soon after that. It was fun, but I definitely enjoyed my beautiful photographic subjects over this rag-tag bunch of strippers...

More to come this week, by the way... I have yet another trip up to Nashville planned this week to finish up the pin-up calendar I'm working on. I might also get a chance to do some shots for my upcoming art project that's going to totall rock this little town's socks off...

but more on that later, kids.


Off we go!

Filed under: Posts — DitigalAgitation @ 10:11:08 am

Well, we're getting our shit together and preparing for our little trip to Nashville to shoot the crazy eights bikini bash. Anyone nearby, check out my other blogs to get directions and come up to meet myself, Malady, and Jonesie, as well as the crazy eights crew and Paulie from IdeaProv!

I'll document our exploits when we get back tomorrow... and I'll have plenty of pictures of the show as well...

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