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Here comes Santa Claus...

Filed under: Posts — DitigalAgitation @ 01:40:27 pm

That phrase will probably have a completely different meaning to you after reading some of the following infomation...

I thought that I'd be in the Holiday spirit and do a little research into fetishes that revolve around the holidays. I'm starting out with Santa Claus. I know just about everyone has seen "Bad Santa" and remember the lady on there that had a Santa fetish... she just couldn't resist the beard, red suit, and stench of bad liquor and sweat that street Santas are all about. But there are even more interesting people out there with the same attraction to that jolly guy that pays a visit to your local mall every year.

First, there are some really interesting sites that I've found with erotic stories revolving around Santa, such as "Nursery Santa", "A Masking Experience Story", and a slew of stories on Santa erotica for all tastes, I assure you.

Then we have the Santa porn. There are some really crazy hardcore porn movies involving Santa, but one of the best that I was able to dig up was Santa Claus Versus the Christmas Vixens. This is for those times when the regular ol' jolly Santa just won't do, and you just have to have the screaming, whimpering, crying Santa to get you off instead. Some really crazy fucked up S&M, missing only 8 tiny reindeer to make it complete.

Third, I found some Santa porn cartoons at Santa Sex. But this was pretty tame, and for someone with a Santa fetish, only the real thing would do...

And that's when I found Santarchy! This is a group of guys and gals that have a Santa fetish, either of the kind where they like to dress like Santa, look at Santa, dress as elves, or whatever. Plus, they're the guys that arrange Santa-Con's every year! So, if one Santa isn't enough for you, you could have two, twelve, thirty, or hundreds of Santas to act out whatever fantasy your sick little mind can dream up...



mmmm... yummy...

Filed under: Posts — DitigalAgitation @ 08:46:34 pm

So, who out there likes oral sex?

The number of people that dislike oral sex really surprises me. In the past, I've had a couple of ladies that really hated giving oral sex, but of course they never really objected to receiving. One of them said they had a "sensative gag reflex" and the other said "I don't like the taste." I've also met a couple of guys that didn't like giving oral sex, most just because they didn't know what to do, and a couple due to previous ladies' hygeine problems...

I've found that ladies of different ethnicities have a different taste and smell... and also, the diet and exercise habits affects these things as well.

What are your observations? What do you like or dislike about oral sex? do you enjoy the smell, how your partner looks, or maybe the taste? do you think some people taste better than others, and why do you think that's so?



When's kinky not kinky anymore?

Filed under: Posts — DitigalAgitation @ 06:43:31 am

Some of my coworkers were talking about some fetishes this weekend, and I was really amazed at the stuff that they considered to be unheard of...

First, there was a girl talking about a truck driver she knows that has a baby fetish. He wears diapers, has a makeshift crib in his truck, pays prostitutes to be his "mother" and everything. She said he told her that it's really convenient not to have to stop to use the bathroom, since he's already wearing a diaper, if he has to go, he just shits himself.

Then another coworker said she had heard of a friend of hers dressing up in an animal costume and meeting other people that wear similar costumes. The girl dresses in a horse costume and likes to meet other "studs" at parties and stuff.

These are things that I thought were fairly mainstream, and everyone knew about them... I mean, they've both been featured on CSI... how much more mainstream can you get than that? lol!

So, what else do you all consider to be mainstream fetishes? What do you think makes a fetish not kink anymore?



video escapades

Filed under: Posts — DitigalAgitation @ 09:15:24 am

I really want to hear about everyone's video escapades. This is a little thing that really intrigues me, personally. I know that just about everyone likes watching dirty movies... I mean, you are on the internet, and there's more than plenty of places to go to see that kind of thing. But I'm more interested in people that like to make their own...

Do you have a hidden camera? Do you record your partners without them knowing, or are they aware? Do you watch them together later to get turned on, or do you just watch them alone and masturbate to them? Do you record your partner having sex with someone else and then watch the videos later? Do you pay other people to have sex so you can record them? Do you make your own home-made porn and sell/broadcast it on the internet?

These are the things I'm really interested in... and I'll be adding more of my findings as you post on here and I see what direction we're going with this.


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