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Valentines is coming up soon...

Filed under: Posts — DitigalAgitation @ 03:46:15 pm

Since Valentines day is coming up soon, I thought I'd give everybody a few little gift ideas for the holiday! I'm going to do one for men and one for women every few days, so keep an eye on things!

For Men:

Cock Rings. This is one little toy that can be a lot of fun for men. This device traps blood in the penis, causing longer and firmer erections, as well as increasing sensitivity. It can help out with men that have problems maintaining erections, or with those that want to train themselves to keep going after orgasm. There are a multitude of different types, some that are adjustable, and some that aren't. If you're a little bigger than average, definitely get an adjustable one. Pick one up and have some fun!

For Women:

Vibrators. This one's pretty much a no-brainer... but you really have to be careful picking these out. Women really have different tastes when it comes to vibrators. Some like big ones, some small. Some women like insertion, some don't. You really have to know your woman to pick one out. If you don't know what to get, go with the easiest option: One YOU can use on her. Get something small that you can handle well during sex... also, make sure it doesn't vibrate so violently that it's going to bruise her or make her eyes pop out of her head, something that has adjustable speeds is the best. Get a good one, and maybe you could just surprise her with it when you're playing around on Valentines night...

More to come, guys!




Filed under: Posts — DitigalAgitation @ 09:03:37 pm

So, have you ever walked around your place and thought how nice it would be to have another lamp or foot stool, but you just don't have the money? Well, if you have some extra slaves laying around the house gathering dust, you may want to recycle them as furniture! It's time to expand your horizons as a fornophile...

Fornophilia is the love of making furniture from humans using extreme bondage. Your lover wears a lampshade over their head and holds a lightbulb in their mouth as your new lamp. Or maybe they're on their hands and knees with a board across their back so they can be your coffee table in the living room. Maybe you tie them into some contortion so you can use them as an armchair...

There are many different levels of forniphilia from simple to very complicated and intricate... here are a few examples I was able to dig up from and I may do a few of my own later on, too... who knows?

Have a good week, kids... and get ready for some really fun Valentines pictures at very soon!



Aliens are the sex

Filed under: Posts — DitigalAgitation @ 09:54:12 am

As you all know... Malady is currently unemployed, and most likely due to her "Ode to Star Wars" pictures on Now, if someone weren't devoted to their art (or fetish) you'd expect that we would remove the "offending" photos from her site... but, alas, we kept them up. Not only did we keep them up, we've also been working on wardrobe for a new star-wars themed photo set featuring another very well known, and loved, character. I don't want to give too many details, but suffice it to say that they will be amazing.

I've also been in touch with several people that have alien fetishes. People that dress as Star-Wars or Star Trek aliens, or think that they're totally sexy... such as the dialogues below from a Star Trek forum:
I think I have the biggest fetish for Cardassians. I dunno why. Maybe it's cuz they're bad ass and wear black leather military uniforms. I have a huge crush on Dukat. Garak's hot too, though I think he's gay with Bashir. Chain of Command. You KNOW Picard kept insisting that there were 4 lights, because he wanted more Cardassian "torture". And I know some of you guys out there think Dukat's daughter was hot.
Romulans are hot. The TOS ones were okay, but the TNG ones were the hottest, not to mention, TNG had Romulan overload. Senator Vreenak from the DS9 episode "In the Pale Moonlight" was hot, even though he needed to brush his hair, and sexy Garak blew his ass up. Discuss.
but hey... Everyone loves a sexy green woman... right?



Fight the Power

Filed under: Posts — DitigalAgitation @ 11:03:40 am

Well, while everyone else was enjoying their holiday week between Christmas and New Year's, my main model, Malady had a really big surprise. Her employer called her and asked her to come in for a meeting on her day off, and when she went to the meeting, she was told that she was suspended without pay, and under investigation due to her blogs and her web site. She was asked questions about her modeling and other trivial things, then was told that a group of people at the corporate office were going to deliberate over what disciplinary actions to take against her...

24 hours passed before she got a call back from them, and at that time, she was told that she was fired.

A devoted employee for more than three years, and a hard worker, she was completely crushed that the company that she loved so much, could treat one of their biggest supporters this way.

Sorry to have such a somber mood on this entry, but it's been a crushing blow to us both.


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