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Physical "abnormalities" that turn people on...

Filed under: Posts — DitigalAgitation @ 05:42:41 pm

People all have differrent physical things that turn them on... but that's not unusual, is it? I mean, some guys like tits, and some like ass. Some women like guys with really cut abs, and some like ass... but what about the people that like other things that might not be quite so accepted? Even worse, what if someone likes to do "strange" things to another persons body parts?

I'm going to tell a story about an unusual character that I've come across in my days, and I'd like some of you to do the same... or if you prefer, you can email them to me and I'll pick the really juicy ones to post on here...

In college, I was studying pre-med, so it wasn't unusual for my friends and acquaintances to ask me really personal medical related questions that they may be a little too embarassed to ask their physician, and this girl I knew... I'll call her Misty... started asking me some really unusual questions about her sex life... specifically about anatomy... more specifically about the size of such anatomy.

Now, I know what most of you are probably thinking, and you couldn't be farther from the mark. She wasn't asking about penis size. She wasn't very concerned with that at all. She was just concerned because her boyfriend had a fetish of sorts, and it was due to her having a physical abnormality. She had unusually long labia minora. For those of you that don't know what that is, here's a link with the anatomy for you. She wanted me to look (so, who am I to complain) and when she pulled her pants down, everything looked fine... but then she revealed to me that she "tucks them in"... when she pulled them out, I was astounded. I mean, all women are different... some are innies, some are outies... but I have never seen anything like this before... one hung down 4 1/4 inches, and the other 4 inches even.

I think the look on my face freaked her out a little bit, but I told her that it was just something I'd never seen before, and that it wasn't anything bad, necessarily, as long as it doesn't hurt her. She said sex was good, but that no guys had ever wanted to do oral because of it... until her current boyfriend. He liked to play with them, twirl them around his fingers and tongue, suck on them... he thought it was great! But it made her feel a little dirty because he was so into it. He even wanted her to stretch them and make them longer.

Well, the two of them have had a very good relationship, and I've held the secret in way too long, and just had to spill it at some point... I just hope she doesn't read this...

and I almost forgot... please share some of your own experiences... it makes things much more exciting around here...



digital-agitation: risking my freedom to keep you informed

Filed under: Posts — DitigalAgitation @ 07:39:15 pm

Of the three pictures I posted for you, which of those do you think people found to be most offensive? The first one, people didn't make much of a fuss over, besides the pasties. The second didn't cause much of a stir, either... except for about 50,000 hits on my web site from it being featured on and several "Darth Vader" fetish sites. Now on to the controversy...

The third picture was a set that I did this past spring with a couple of local beauties... I filled a bathtub with muddy water and had them play and pretend they were sisters, one bullying the other for a while, then the other getting her revenge by fighting with her in a bathtub full of mud. Little did I expect to be COMPLETELY bombarded with hate mail from several different groups of people. On one of the sites that I do promotion on, a bunch of christian bands banned my work due to those pictures, even though they absolutely loved my other photos depicting fetish and other themes centered around sexuality.

I sent them back a nasty little email and moved on with my life, and haven't had any really nasty emails or anything in the past several months.

I think it's time to step up my game...


So... what is porn, anyway?

Filed under: Posts — DitigalAgitation @ 08:50:03 pm

I was thinking about this "War on Porn" thing lately. I'm a photographer, and this is something that really disturbs me as an artist. I mean, who is to say what is obscene and what isn't? I've had several emails from varying people in the past telling me how offensive my work is... and I have to tell you, the stuff I post online is pretty tame in my opinion, and if someone was offended by the pictures I really don't see it. I like looking at and studying womens bodies through photography... yes, I suffer for my art...

Some people and cultures think that it's offensive for a woman to show any part of her body but her eyes... yet other cultures condone (and even promote) women to go vacationing at topless beaches. Now, just because someone doesn't like women exposing their breasts, watching someone have sex, be burned as foreplay, or perform oral sex, does that mean that it's wrong? Does that make pictures of people performing these acts wrong as well?

Think of this. Most people think that killing another person is wrong. So, just because it's wrong to kill someone, does that mean that photos of a person that was murdered should be illegal? What about someone that video tapes a person killing somebody that gets put on the news? Now if that same person records people having sex, and they're a pornographer and subject to jail time according to obscenity laws.

So, here are a couple of pictures for you guys to check out... let me know what you think, and next week I'll share some of the interesting things that people have said about them, thinking they're offensive... what's your opinion?


The Anatomy of the Kink

Filed under: Posts — DitigalAgitation @ 07:49:55 pm

Sometimes it's hard being different. People may stare at you if you dress differently from the social norm. You could be ridiculed if you don't get that new trendy haircut. Society is cruel even to people with handicaps... so why should sex be any different?
Most of us are taught that sex is dirty; that it's something that shouldn't be done, and really shouldn't even be talked about. It's only within the past ten years that it's become at least somewhat acceptable subject matter for discussion... so where does that leave us deviants?
Although sex is more accepted now than it has been in a very long time (we're still not up to par with the ancient Greeks), there is still an acceptable norm that people are expected to follow, and anything outside of that little box is considered subversive... kinky... fetish.
People shouldn't care if you like hurting someone or being hurt during sex. They shouldn't care if you tie your partner to the bed and have your way with her or him. It's nobody's business if your fantasy is to be suspended by your ankles while you're insulted and spat upon by sweaty construction workers, is it? Absolutely not! But people make it their business. That's why we have to keep quiet and practice our perversions away from prying eyes.
But there's a certain freedom in this, isn't there? Those of us "living underground" have a sort of comeraderie. Although I may think you're practices are odd... I know full well that you may think the same damn thing about me. That's why I want to start this open forum for discussion, where people can learn more about others deepest desires, dark fetishes, and secret fantasies... who knows? You may just see something you like...
Tell me about your kinks, or ask me questions about the things you just haven't had the balls to try... I'm here to help.

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