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Some people like lots of hair... some like well groomed hair... some like no hair at all. But did you know that there are some that get turned on by trimming hair? I'm not talking about pubic hair, either, because there really are a lot of guys/girls that get turned on watching someone shave their bits.

I've run across an interesting fetish that I've not heard of before. There is a small group of guys and gals that get sexually charged by hair cuts... like the ones you get from the barber. Not only that, there are also smaller groups within that are turned on by "forced haircuts." They even have forums full of erotic stories about it, such as this:
Karen watched as Mistress walked to the counter and when she returned she was holding clippers big hair clippers - no guard was fitted! She stared at the clippers and shook her head NOOO. Not her beautiful hair - everyone admired her hair. Mistress straddled Karen in the chair, pushed her head back and turned on the clippers they roared to life. Karen's eyes grew wide but her pussy grew wetter in anticipation and the feel of Mistresses latex covered buttocks on her thighs. Mistress smiled and put the clippers at the center of her fore head "hold still slut don't move!!" Karen stared at the clippers and sat rigidly still. The clippers were hard on her forehead. Large, hard, irresistible. Mistress pushed the clippers straight back across the top of Karen's head. Blonde hair fell like rain. The vibration of the clippers was strangely sensual but Karen was really concentrating on the hair falling over her face, she knew it was going to all be taken; Long tresses of lovingly conditioned, bleached, dried and teased hair being removed, falling to the floor of the dungeon. Over and over the clippers ate her hair leaving white stubble behind, the clippers never stopping sweeping again and again over every part of her head. Karen closed her eyes savoring the feel, knowing she was surrendering. As her hair fell away so did her inhibitions Strangely she felt liberated -free somehow. Then mistress stopped and stood and turned the chair to face the mirror. "Im done whore!!" Karen stared at the white stubble. "But not with you" Karen didn't recognize the bound woman before her in the mirror. Her eyes looked huge, her ears small, her neck soared like a swan. The red ball gag reminded her of her status though.

And that's just a small sample from

Does anyone else have a "niche" fetish such as this? If so, I'd love to hear about it...

oh, by the way... next week, I'll be talking about videos...


Public Sex...

Filed under: Posts — DitigalAgitation @ 10:00:08 pm

Who doesn't like having a little sex in public?

I honestly don't know anyone who hasn't had sex at least once in a situation that they could possibly be caught... I mean, horny teenagers wouldn't get laid if it weren't for the back seats of cars or spare rooms at their parents house. But what about those of us that like it for a different reason? My thoughts are that there are two different types of public sex fetishists: spontaneous and planned...

People that like spontaneous public sex are the type that just can't keep it in their pants and just have to have sex right there on the spot, whether they get caught or not.

But more interesting than that, is the person that plans their public sex excursions...

I personally have been both of these people, most often the latter one.

My most memorable experience is this time that I went with my girlfriend to a local park one night. This park is locked up at night, and we went down one of the trails about a mile, found a good spot, and got right down to business... now, this park is patrolled by park rangers, but we thought that we'd be far enough out, and be finished soon enough, that we wouldn't get caught. Well, after we were in the middle of some really good sex, I heard some rustling a little up the trail... so we totally froze in place, and around the bend walks about a dozen kids and an older man. It was a fucking scout troop on a midnight hike. I guess our presence there was teaching the troop a little more about nature than he was expecting! After they stood there for what seemed like an eternity, they rushed off, and naturally, we went right back to our business, of course.

We finished up, cleaned up, and hiked back to my car to leave, and wouldn't you know it... the scout van drives past us in the parking lot, and a couple of the kids screamed out the window and gave us a thumbs up. There couldn't be a better way to end the night, in my opinion.

So, what kinds of experiences have you had?



Well, it's a little late for Halloween... but what the hell...

Filed under: Posts — DitigalAgitation @ 10:05:47 pm

My fiancee is really into zombie movies, so i did a search for zombie on Google the other day and I came across a very interesting site: really is what it sounds like. Classic(mostly) pinup photos of zombie ladies. Most of the girls are actually in costume/makeup for the pictures, but I think that some may have been done in photoshop. Malady, of course, was very excited about it, and we're currently hunting for a person to do makeup for her own zombie photo shoot for her web site... possibly to go along with her current movie monsters series that we've been working on.

Now, what I'm thinking is that there are some people out there in the world that REALLY have a fetish or fixation on zombie pictures, or maybe even zombie porn... someone that is only into reanimated corpses, and not regular ones. And would a person with necrophilia eventually take a turn in this direction when they lose interest in your average dead body?

food for thought...

and I don't mean eating brains...



Size, and how much it matters...

Filed under: Posts — DitigalAgitation @ 10:58:24 pm

I was talking to a girlfriend of mine the other day, and we were talking about the guy she just broke it off with. She couldn't stay with him because he had a really small dick and she just couldn't deal with it anymore. The first time they had sex, she said that it wasn't doing anything for her when he was inside her, so she asked him for anal instead. He, of course, was absolutely thrilled with this... she told me she just wanted to feel something. She said that this is something she's done several times with guys that just don't make the cut, and I asked a couple other ladies I know and they said the same thing... not something that I was expecting.

Now, I've never had the opportunity to experienct anal sex. I've dated girls that liked anal, but none of them would do it with me, and I never really understood why until I had that little conversation. I asked my current lady about it, and she confirmed it for me...

I've been around the block a couple of times, but I never knew about this little secret that women have been keeping... so I'm wondering if there are any other things like this that any ladies would like to share?

I may just share some of my own if you do...



Halloween Fun...

Filed under: Posts — DitigalAgitation @ 08:01:56 am

Wow... we had a wonderfully creepy and fun Halloween. We went to a costume party, and completely stole the show!

But on ot other matters. From the feedback that I got from everybody on my last article, it seems that I have only scratched the surface on any weird fetishes or activities that my readers currently participate in, so I'm going to talk about something that's very "Halloween" for you... blood drinking.

There are several people that are self-proclaimed "Vampires." Not in the sense that they can only live off of blood, and turn to dust in sunlight, but people that are sexually aroused from drinking blood. I have to admit, I'm turned on if I bite a little too hard and get a little taste of blood during sex... but there are some that this is their primary trigger. There's a couple that I talked to last night that practices bloodletting, and they gave me some really interesting insights into the practice. The main thing that they wanted to stress was that they only drank blood from willing subjects, never from unsuspecting people, although one of them did admit that he attempted to drink from previous partners when he was younger, and really freaked them out... probably not something you'd want to try on a first date.

So my questions to the readers are:

Have you ever thought of drinking blood from someone, or does it turn you on? What if your partner cut themself shaving and your lips run across the fresh wound? Have you ever brought blood from a partner by accident? On purpose?


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