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Alternatives to Tourism

Filed under: Posts — SunDub @ 07:31:51 am

My people, hello. I'm trying to do my part to help the economy of Hawaii. Tourism is hit and miss each year. What could we do to make sure that costs don't continue to skyrocket and the people of Hawaii and afford to live and enjoy their families without working three jobs.

1. Gambling-Each year thousands, tens of thousands of local people visit the Mecca that is Vegas to them. In the process millions of dollars leave the islands are givent to an economy that doesn't need our "donations". Legalize gambling in certain resort areas and bing, choke people will travel interisland despite the crazy cost of tickets and some of that dinero will stay here.

2. Film-Build off of Lost's success and develop more shows, movies in Hawaii. The film industry pays bank to come here and those pampered celebrities gladly empty their wallets. Chee hoo.

3. Find out how to power everything with the ocead-Not a new idea. We are surrounded in water, would make power free and the company that licensed it would be banking. And the money saved on electricity, used for other things to stay in Hawaii.

4. Pro Sports League- There's enough islands and locations to have a Hawaiian League. Give some names like Ron Artest, TO, and others a second chance and we'll have something folks.

to be continued...

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