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Spring '06

Filed under: Posts — SunDub @ 08:46:04 pm

Hello my people. As I am well into the double digits of semesters in both going to school and living on campus. Here's a timeline for all of you college students that is probably fairly accurate.

Check-in. Party scene null and void.
First week of school. Not very serious. Time to go out, find out what's going on for this weekend.
Second weekend. Madness. Parties everywhere. In places where you can and in places where you can't.
Third week. See week two.
Fourth week. Realization of poor performance last semester kicks in... The Super is the last rager, they promise.
Fifth-14th week. Tumbleweeds blazing through...
15th week. "I'm graduating." "I got to take a class over." "I got kicked out." No matter what the motivation, for sure to be something off the hook somewhere.

That's pretty much it. I've seen it change and chill out quite a bit but still it's filled with action, adventure, romance, and you bet whateva you like there will be drama, drama, drama.

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