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808 Edition

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Hawaii Night Spots

Magoo's is just off of University Ave. in Manoa by the University of Hawaii. On any night you can find every bit of the demographic represented here. What's not to like pitchers ranging from 5-8 dollars, pizza, burgers, steak, sushi, and all kinds of reasonably prized good tasting food. Magoo's is definitely a sweet college spot to cruise, drink, meet people. Open until 2am.

Mai Tai Bar is located on the third floor of Ala Moana on the Terrace. This is an open air bar with beautiful waitresses, live music, and the best part not one, but two happy hours so you get can get crunk in the early afternoon in the evening. Features a wide variety of beers and mixed drinks. Plus they don't mess around with the mixed drinks, very very strong. This writer once found himself in the planter outside and denied access back in. If you're going on one of the weekends, get in there early cause it gets packed. Definitely a local hotspot.

The W is located just along the beach towards the end of the Waikiki strip when heading in the Diamond Head Strip. This is one of the nicest places to go. It's probably wise to get your drink on early so you can make do with only a couple drinks there cause it's expensive. but hey if you're feeling like a ballah, or got the credit to support then go there and let the well flow. The ladies will love you... until you realize that you were a one hitter quitter and that was your paycheck. And for the ladies, make the guys buy you drinks. They should.

Ocean's. I remember when I first walked into this spot and thought I was in Hedonism. Kay, not really, but this local guy never saw women dancing on tables if it wasn't a strip club. I never saw the novelty of Ocean's but hey it's cool I suppose. I you're 23 you'll enjoy access to this place every night. Yep, that's right, 23 and over, the only night 21 and over is on Thursday. So be there early on that night. Drinks are I've been told, cheap compared to mainland drink prices so if you like "chance em".

Hawaii Night Spots to be cont....

Late Night "Grinds"(Good Food)
Some great late night place "fo grind", eat, can be found all over. One you have to check out is Zippy's. Open twenty four hours a day and is found all over. It's very reasonably priced and has pretty quick service. You can dine in or eat out(dining in is onw-two dollars per item more expensive). Known for it's Chili Zippy's is becoming a house hold name and you can find it some of it's offerings in the frozen food aisle at any grocery store and supposedl you can order it online. Yet to test that one but will get back to you when I do. It's chili is definitely "winnahs".
Sanoya's is open until 3am each night and is located on King St. It has some of the best Ramen. Get the Udon set and get Udon noodles, fried chicken katsu, and kim chee for a little over six dollars. I recommend getting the chicken donburiya(fried chicken in batter and coated in egg and a special sauce) over ramen noodles. Now that will "broke da mouth"(taste good).
Suhsi King is a bit further down King St. and features many specials after 10:30pm. The basic special comes with a salad, miso soup and six huge pieces of sushi for under 8 dollars. After midnight the price of sushi drops to half price. Good deal and they serve a variety of beer and sake. Finish the one big bottle of sake and they'll put your name on it and post it. Sushi King has recently opened up in Vegas so if you'e curious and closer to Vegas I suggest giving it a try.


Pidgin is the local slang that is used throughout the islands. Depending on what island or even parts of an island you're from, the dialect changes. It is actually a creole and not a pidgin (the one thing I learned in Linguistics 102).
I've been incorporating some words in the blogs. I'll do my best to explain them but I recommend coming to the islands and hearing it yourself.
It's really funny because the way I talk is the only way most people know I'm local. I grew up here but I look like I'm from the mainland. The only way people can tell is if they listen. It's pretty funny. When I was younger it used to piss me off but as I've grown older, I've come to know that what matters most is I know who I am and where I'm from. A little preaching there, sorry, anyway, if you come to Hawaii, you might have to listen hard but it's fairly simple. A "d' replaces "th", we rarely drop the "g" from "ing".
As I write I realize it isn't that simple. Oh, well, tough luck bra. nah, just joke. I'll do my best to give you all tips. Well until the next edition.

Next up:
Night Spots cont.
Late Night "Grinds" cont.
More Pidgin
And "woteva" pops up.


Hawaii Dating Scene

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This blog goes out to all of you interested in what the dating scene in Hawaii is like. You know what's interesting about over here is we didn't have dating growing up, we had if you're with them you're with them, end of story, pau, no one else.
This leads to two extremes: the couple that is still together since Jr. High or the individual who is swimming the scene from fish to fish. Somewhere in the middle with tendencies leaning to either side are the people who are together from having met in the young adult years.
So if you're a visitor there is a great chance you will find someone who is unattached. Some good places to start would be at some of the clubs.
Oceans, Pipeline, Mai Tai, Compadres, Dave and Buster's, and Brew Moon are all areas of congregation for young people. Mai Tai and Compadre are more laid back than the other places and a more semi casual attire is the norm. Unless it fits you, I advise against wearing any bright colored aloha shirts.
What's cool about all these places is that beautiful people flock to each for various drink and food specials. It's a great opportunity to network, meet new friends, or maybe something more (handsome, beautiful, freaky, longterm, more in general for sure)
Feel free to email or comment for any specific interests. For the next edition...
Reviews of the Bars Above(and more)
Best Late Night Place to Eat
Intro to Hawaii Creole(Pidgin)

Mahalo and Aloha to all.

808 Edition(al)

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Vol. 1.2

Intro: That's right, allow me to intro-duce myself, my name is J. That's J to the a s-o-n. Kay, enough of that, got the Chappelle stuck on the brain. The skit when keeping it real goes wrong. That gives an idea for the next section...

When Keeping It Real Local Goes All Da Kine Mess Up: Meet Mano. Mano's real name was Manuel but everyone wen call da po buggah Mano. K, anyway, bradah stay all cruising wit his chick wen one notha guy wen give her da look. Mano, coulda just been like, "Yeah das right, das my wahine." Mano could have said dat, den walkaway. But Mano had fo Keep it Real Local. Mano wen stop turn like one full 360, look da guy up and down, and said the deadliest word in all of pidgin... "Wot!!!" Wot po Mano neva know was dis guy had just got out da kine maximum security prison and he wasn't looking at da wahine he was looking at Mano. He started to walk over to Mano. Mano wen puff his chest like one fighting rooster and den make all taran-taran and walked over to da guy. Da otha guy wen false crack Mano, drop um, drop his pants, and bra, wasn't pretty, was so not pretty that I no can even imagine. Anyway, das what happens Wen Keeping It Real Local Goes All Da Kine. Stayed tuned fo next time. Aloooooooooha.

Hogan Know's Best: The Hulkster's line of the show is when his daughter Brooke stay all pissed off cause her younger brother gets away with more than her and she says something like it's cause I'm a girl. The younger brother get is girlfriend over and the Mom finds an empty condom wrapper, etc. it's great. Kay, anyway, Hogan says when she's complaining, "That's because boys can't get pregnant." He then goes on to do a number of things that crack me and I'm sure some of you up. Watch it. It's apparently so good VH1 airs it everyday like three times...

On VH1 and MTV: What I want to know is how do those networks get away with airing the same shows eight times in a row and having marathons everyday. What ever happened to the music. And I gotta say VH1 is a little better these days. I had like this realization that I'm getting old cause I'm in the VH1 is good generation. I remember watching something where they categorized those 25 and older as the VH1 crowd. WTF!!!

On the Moon: That'd be so cool if I was like on a wireless network on the moon. Yeah, right, keep dreaming. Anyway. The moon has been all nuts lately. Stay all yellow just like the moon in Thriller. For those of you that are hunger that is before Michael Jackson's wierdness was publicized. The Pre-Peter Pan Jackson Days. It's still one of the highest grossing album's ever. Shit, there is some more ancient history. I feel like writing blogs ages me, "What do you think Cap'n?"

Outtro: You ever notice that on rap albums there is an outtro? Why? I never heard of Outtroduction? Well this is the end of 1.2, stay irie, drink safely, or even better drink green tea. Aloha.

808 Edition(al)

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Vol 1.1

On restlessness: I think the anticipation of the upcoming semester and training has me up. Either that or it's my fucked up sleep schedule. Probably a combination of both. I just know I'm not tired. This is the first time I've watched the morning sky in I don't know how long. I've always been a sunset fan but could get used to this...

Why the movies this summer aren't so entertaining: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Dukes of Hazard, Bad News Bears, Herbie, even War of the World's are all remakes or old ideas resurrected. What's going on? If I was all buss I might think I was at a video rental place instead of a theatre. Most stories have a common theme but the same story. Maybe I'm just getting old...

Why Southern Rap is awesome... Southern Rap has always been a huge hit amongst my friends and I. On the one hand you got Outkast that is phenomenal and different everytime out. Then you got Ludacris and TI who are pretty catchy. Then you got the plain old I can rap about anything rap and still make millions. Sometimes it's ridiculous. I remember writing my own version of Juvenile's "Ha" was I was younger:

"I just woke up,ha, had to make a wee wee and brush my teeth teeth, ha. You think I'm joking, ha, you do it to, ha, that's right, ha, if you ain't aware I done rhymed it all back to ha."

Southern Rap... something good, something bad, something horribly catchy, a little sumpthin sumpthin fo all y'all playah's and playettes.

Procrastination. I'd like to know if there is something in DNA that when you hit a certain age you just start to procrastinate. I remember being able to read, play basketball, go out, play video games, and do all homework when I was little. Now it's like I do it all in three hour spans at a time, the other 21 hours are devoted to other ventures. What if life was like the movie Gattaca where the DNA was perfectly crafted? I'd make sure my kids didn't procrastinate. We all joke about it and whatnot and how we get the shit done anyway but seriously procrastination is a pain in the ass. Will I do what I need to have done after writing this. Nah, I think I'll eat or finally get to sleep.

Shameless Promotion of Random Things: Beer. Sunscreen. The Dollar Movies at Restaurant Row. The sunset. Coke(the drink). (fill in the blank)

For the birds: You ever watched birds fly. Those guys just like dive bomb everything. I had a bird nip my head as it flew overhead the other day. And if they aren't pulling off ridiculous flying stunts, trying to behead you, they are shitting on, at, or near you or your belongings.

Closing: It's ridiculous how the network reports conflict every five minutes. Too many agendas are convoluting the news. If I wanted an opinion from the news I'd read someone's blog. Far more entertaining and know what to expect. Kden, Aloha.


808 Times This Moment's Best Awards

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Best Honolulu Fast Food: Zippy's, great chili, great fried chicken, good specials, a large variety of food for a good price

Best Hot Dog: Sam's Club, huge soda and either a polish or all beef kosher hot dog for under two dollars

Best Beach: Ala Moana at night to watch the Sunset

Best Hill to bomb with a skateboard: the driveway to the parking structure at the University of Hawaii-Manoa

Best Sunset: every night get solid kine sunsets, just gotta look up more

Best Book I Read: The Alchemist

Best Place to Live: Hawaii Kai, Waialae Iki, or Windward side if you get money, UH Housing if no more money and if you like have fun meeting a want of people

Best Plate Lunch: Rainbow Drive Inn Mix Plate, it will be excellent "Broke da mouth"

Best Place to Go Out on a Wednesday: Dave and Buster's at Ward, half off drinks, plus three levels food, video games,and an open air lounge each level with a full bar

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808 TIMES Vol 1.0

This blog is going to be incorporated into my writings. It is inspired by none other than the man,the myth, the legend. Sam "The Captain" Skelton.

Reality TV Show: Hogan Knows Best. Now Reality TV is actually getting entertaining. Watch Hulkamania run wild on the dates of his kids. Classic. Hulk's daughter Brooke gets asked out by a 22 y/o. She's 16. While talking to the guy, Hulk questions the law about it and the kid replies it only is in place if sex is involved. Hulk called this kid a jabroni from the start. Best part of the show right there. I'll be sure call any jack asses douche bags that try to date my future daughter or daughters.

Irritating song of the moment: As of late I have been subjected to a tremendous amount of horrible songs that just get stuck in my head. The one the irks me the most is that Fanta song. I thought it disappeared like a couple years ago or something. And if it's really from the 70's or whatever why didn't it stay there. No, I don't want a Fanta. Talk about irritating song of the last quarter of the 20th and the early part of the 21st century.

On living in Hawaii: I was watching the OC 16 top ten show and you gotta love when they get local people to talk and you can full on hear the accent. Trips me out. Growing up I was always "wot haole" and it didn't dawn on me until I came college that how different it is that we talk. So yeah, on living in Hawaii, it's pretty solid dat we have our own way of speaking.

On Pop Culture: I was privy to an interesting observation the other day. We were talking stories about the whole Tom Cruise and Scientology when a bystander intervened and said, "I don't give a fuck about celebrities, they aren't any better than you or me. I'd rather just talk to someone." Gotta agree with that. My fondest memories involve good conversations. And my few interactions with celebrities have been less then impressive. Besides in life we are all the stars of our own stories and I think that matters most.

On spirituality: I have a BA in Religion. It is interesting and sometimes I get these real bewildered sometimes "oh no he's going to preach" or the " wtf areyou going to do with that" looks. The follow-up question is almost always "Are you religious?". No I'm spiritual. Being spiritual should not be confused with being religious. I think religion is cool enough but at this point in my life I've come to view it all as one in the same and it is just different ways of the same things. It'd be like if you and I were to watch a movie together. We'd both walk away and explain it differently and be moved by different aspects of it. And if we were asked to summarize the plot, we'd probably both get the gist of it across to our audience in our own way. Point being that I choose to take and learn from all and thus have my spirit nourished in a variety of ways without being confined to one religion. To each his own I suppose, this is what has come to work for me and I'm sure in a few years I should further change. Change is a good thing.

Is someone getting the best of you? This one is inspired by the Foo Fighters. Props to Dave Grohl. My thinking is do your best at all times, then whatever people get is the best of you. Not that that matters, what matters is that you do your best, others' shouldn't impose their best on you to begin with.

Mahalo: God, Krishna, Allah, The One, for this world. All who fight the good fight each and every day. To HNMW for everything, love you(Where does all the time go? I agree). Uncle Sam Dizzle for inspiring this.

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