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New Year's in Hawaii

Filed under: Posts — SunDub @ 05:08:11 am

time out folks. no one ever told me that in the mainland you can't use fireworks for new year's. how is it that i went 25 years without ever knowing this. how is it, that those of you living there miss out on that for so long. i guess i can see not doing it for safety reasons and whatnot but i cannot imagine a new year's without hearing the sound of 100,000 chinese firecrackers exploding or inhaling the vast amount of smoke that pollutes the air. hmmm, on second thought maybe you guys don't have it so bad.

one of the few traditions i've taken part in for new year's is to eat azuki beans. my grandmother is okinawan and she said it brings in good luck. to be honest, they are really asty for a bean. they are sweet and go good with all sorts of food: rice, shave ice, mochi. if you're looking for something new, give that a try. i'll be trying something new this year: almond champagne. how do you make almod champagne. i'd hate to be the person at the almond factory trying to squeeze juice out of that to make it like wine. ok, not funny. i kid, i kid. you all have a great and safe new year's and if you're in hawaii, enjoying the fireworks, might as well, cause when else are you going to get to do that legally on new year's. shoots den aloha.



Filed under: Posts — SunDub @ 02:35:20 am

howzit. has anyone senn that commercial where they lump all the holiday celebrations into one word. it kind of reminds me of local culture. for thanksgiving one of my staff was going home and was commenting how they always had sqid luau for thanksgiving in addition to for variations of turkey. god, i love hawaii. only here would you for sure find white rice on the table at the majority family celebrations and no mashed potatoes in some instances.

seeing as how i have not been anywhere else for christmas time, i am left with only entertainment and imagination as to how christmas is elsewhere. while, i'm sure it's great, how can you beat our melting pot culture, the random food, and in some instances snow on one of the mountains. that's right, there's snow for those of you who don't know. while it usually pops up around late january or early february, if it's cold enough it may hit december. so come on down, island hop, hit the beach, stay far away from the malls cause they are crowded and enjoy yourself. if not, have fun doing what it is you do in your own homeland and come for new years. the new years boat cruises are tight and the food is awesome. a must try. aloha.


coming to a close

Filed under: Posts — SunDub @ 12:00:35 pm

Howzit. Well another semester is nearing it's end as well as a year is ending. Many thoughts come to mind while reflecting on this semester. Should have gone to class more is certainly up there along with, i've been in college for so long, it was time to hit the books a few years ago. I have a BA however I've been slow to make progress on more advanced degrees. Oh well, I love new semesters. I'm due for some good ones.

This semester of work was really a quite unique one as well. I saw some things I never encountered working in a University Housing system. This was by far the most challenging and rewarding semester because of them. I need to get that memoir about the experienced finished.

Seems like this blog is about what I need to do. Well, I've done a few good things, probably more as I am highly critical of myself. I do realize there is work to do. What are the things that you need to do? Have you ever left anything unfinished. With escalating global terror and the destruction of our world, wouldn't it be nice to finish up on the things we wanted in order to go out with no regrets. I've always tried to live like that and I always come back to these thoughts. It's as if I'm addicted to mediocrity if that makes any sense. Awhile back I chose greatness for my life... Looks like I need to re-commit to that before I'm old and grey and can no longer do what I am lucky to do. Aloha and have a great holiday season.


Ryan's Bar and Grill

Filed under: Posts — SunDub @ 11:15:18 am

Alright so I've never been to Ryan's at Ward in Honolulu. I always heard it was cool and whatnot but for some reason never made it there until this past Friday. The Eagles were in town and people were all over. I got to Ryan's at about 11pm looking for some grinds and a couple of drinks. Well, I found both and then some at Ryan's.
It was off the hook. The place is seat yourself for the bar side and has a waiting time if crowded at the restaurant. I chose the bar side and was treated to an excellent menu that was in the 10-20 dollar range per entree and the drinks were phenomenal. They feature a large variety of mixed drinks and claim to have the largest selection of liquor in the Pacific. They also had a disclaimer which advised the customer to inform them of anything that is not on the list so that they can go out and get it. I'm going to have to find something obscure and test that claim and get back to you all but what they offered was excellent.
The Hana Hou is winner of a drink that tastes something like orange sherbert with a kick and the Mai Tai is a buzz with their secret ingredients. Here's a hint as to what one of those ingredients is: I went on a JD binge awhile back... Be safe, be great, Aloha.



Filed under: Posts — SunDub @ 09:27:13 am

howzit world. i've been MIA this past week. and what a rough week it was. it all began with my doctor informing me that my body mass index was too high and i was borderline high blood pressure. my beef with body mass indexes is that it would probably rate most pro athletes as obese as it does not factor in lean body mass. anyway,i'm no pro athlete but to be told i'm obese at 26 was quite a shock when i feel i like i am only more to love. then i've been fighting all these other string of ailments. i was once told tomove to AZ because it would fit my bodies needs. to borrow from some friends "pssshha".
life was still pretty solid i must say. i found out rather unceremoniously that i would be my cousin's best man like this, "hey dude, you wanna be my best man." in between post thanksgiving bloatedness and drowsiness and not to mention i had already accidentally been told ahead of time because everyone though i knew.
anyhow, the weather is finally mostly sunny, yes it does rain, and i'm looking forward to nursing myself to health with some vitamin c enriched mai tai'sat a beach somewhere. aloha.

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