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Why most TV shows about the islands get canceled

Filed under: Posts — SunDub @ 09:20:55 pm

Howzit everyone. My girlfriend just bought three seasons of Friends and I began to think, "why isn't there a cool TV show about Hawaii on these days?" Then I thought, more importantly, " why don't TV show slast in Hawaii?". Here's what most people would argue that and then what I came up with as to why this beautiful location just doesn't cut it on TV.
The cost of living is huge. While this is true, there are ways to survive in HI and not spend a ton of money. And every night there is a place you can get your groove, drink, or eat on at a reasonable cost. So I guess this isn't the Hawaii TV show killer.
The real reason Hawaii TV shows don't make it is that people don't want to see Hawaii for what it really is. I work at a University and every year so many first semester students leave because "it wasn't what I expected, after the first month, there wasn't much else to do, it i can't drive like i used to back home." Whatever the excuse, Hawaii, the reality of it is not what people want to see changed. It's only supposed to be that cliche view of Paradise, not something else. All TV shows have lame stories here and there. All cop dramas have the same thing, it's just putting Hawaii in a show, might erase that dream everyone had and in this day and age we all need to cling on to a dream, any dream, especially the dream of paradise.


Some things you could do without when visiting Oahu

Filed under: Posts — SunDub @ 06:22:25 pm

Howzit. I figured since I gave you all a list of what you should consider doing when you visit Oahu I'd flip it around and give you a list of ten things that you could do without while spending your precious time on your expensive trip to Oahu.

1. Swap Meet. While the swap meet is cool and you can find a number of inexpensive trinkets you do not have to spend your Sunday or Wednesday trying to get there. You can easily find the bargain at the International Market Place in Waikiki or go to Chinatown, both places you can probably haggle and save.

2. The outlet stores. If your from the Mainland, no sense you go to these places. You ahve numerous locations at your home and Hawaii is more expensive for most things anyway.

3. Waikiki. This is if you don't want to deal with tons of people and tourists. While I did say it's a place to go, it isn't for everyone, so if crowd, noise, and cliche aren't you style, no sense you go.

4. Windward Mall. Now this doesn't mean go to the Windward side, but you don't really need to visit this Mall. The number 3 out of 4 mall doesn't really have much to be desired that Ala Moana, Pearl Ridge, and Kohala already has. The coolest thing at Windward is by far the Pet shop. I think it's one of the better places in the islands to look at or shop for pets. But you didn't really come to Hawaii to get a pet...

5. Waimanalo Beach. The waves aren't all that stellar. It's got a cool beach park kind of thing going but you might as well go to Sandy beach or Kailua Beach, an extra ten-fifteen minute drive either way.

Now, if you got the time, I suggest going to the above places because it's everything that makes up Hawaii and I really have a nice place in my heart for Windward Mall. But like I said, not everything works for everybody, so do some more research, talk to locals, friends who came and make your own unique adventure on Oahu. Heck, do whateva you like do, bra. Just cruise 'em if that's your style.

Aloha and have a good one. Get any questions hit me up.

Bonus location to visit: Los tres amigos. It's a restaurant where I felt like I was in a real mexican village. And the Carnitas, wow, broke da mouth.


top ten things to do if you visit Oahu

Filed under: Posts — SunDub @ 01:31:31 pm

1. Go to Waimea Bay on the North Shore, especially around this time of year because the waves are ginormous.

2. Go kayaking at Kailua Beach. Beautiful environment with calm waters that are great for kayaking.

3. Hike Maunawili Falls. It's a like search for buried treause. You search, high then low, and travel through brush, over rocks, and end up at a secluded waterfall that's great for jumping off.

4. Cruise Waikiki Beach during the day. Meet tourists, locals. Check out the shops and the beaches. At night, all the same with the addition of the nightspots.

5. Hike Diamond Head. The Diamond Head Crater is former home to a military bunker and has a great view of the coast. Short hike but pretty much all uphill. But it can still be done in slippers (flip-flops) though I wouldn't advise it, I just rarely wear shoes.

6. Hit up restaurant Row. Picture this, start the evening with a great steak at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. Then head to the Dollar Movie theatre to see that new movie you wanted to see but didn't want to pay ten bucks to watch. Last, go over to Ocean's for the nightcap and get a feel for the scene in Oahu.

7. If you surf, then surf. If you don't, take a lesson. You can get an hour lesson for around $35 an hour. Walk around and check it out. You might be able to find people who can hook you up cheaper or better yet for free.

8. Go to Helena's. Helena's has great Hawaiian food. Da buggah goin broke da mouth. Enough said.

9. Walk through Ala Moana Shopping Center. The place changes each day. I'm serious. It seems like a new shopping is opening everytime you blink. Ok, maybe not that much but the (I believe) third largest open mall in America continue to add levels, shops and restaurants.

10. Visit the only palace on American soil. Iolani Palace, former home to the monarchs of the Hawaiian Kingdom is an interesting piece of Hawaiian history. You'll learn lots of cool facts like including that the Palance had electricity before the White House.

Bonus: if you love Karaoke, there are like a billion places you can go. Serious, everywhere you look. So have it, get your okole (Butt) over here. Aloha.

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