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Interested in Studying

Filed under: Posts — SunDub @ 08:58:26 pm

Aloha all my people. There was a question in the comments about my last blog which asked "What about studies?". The answer to that dear readers: "Well, that depends..." I have held the belief that education is what you make of it. I have seen many intelligent people coast through school and many more who don't even do enough to coast through. More often than not the outcome is not great. I have also seen many people with disadvantages heading into college soar past others with more advantages heading into the same arena. So, sticking with my answer, that depends.
As for the University of Hawaii-Manoa, our party scene is "dull" for some people, who leave because they are in college for parties and that's it. I'd like to think that most of us are here to get a good education and create more opportunity for not only ourselves but others. UHM offers many competitive programs as well as a few duds. Keeping with the overall theme of this blog, the people who do great do so because they go out there and work hard and seek out resources to get the best education possible. Throw in the mastery of social skills that comes from living in a place that Princeton Review rated number 2 for "Dorms like Dungeons" and one will get quite the well-rounded college experience. Until our next meeting, my people... LIVE, LOVE, ALOHA.

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