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hard weeks

Filed under: Posts — SunDub @ 03:02:48 am

I don't know what it was about the past two weeks but man they were brutal. First, work was insane. I know we all say work was insane but on the real, it was insane. I work in a dorm and all types of alleged crime occurred. I've been doing this for going on five years now and I've never seen the volume of severe violations that have occurred. It's not only that but also dealing with the parties involved. I have so many staff members want to call it quits. Which on the one hand I can see, but on the other, it comes with the territory and with living.
I believe that there is a reason for there being times where we are challenged. It's interesting because it just seems to get more and more challenging. I wonder if that is what the meaning of life is: to overcome challenges and keep going until you get to the point where that's it, you've passed or you haven't. Well... I'll continue to meet the challenges and I cannot wait until I get a vacation. You'd think living in Hawaii was one big vacation...


Eh, no forget your sunscreen and...

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Here's a couple words of wisdom for all of you who come to Hawaii: Bring sunscreen and be safe. Yes it is paradise and it's solid. You got to make sure you to the necessary precautions. Choke(many) tourists every year get mugged or robbed in not only Waikiki but all over.
Now, I'm not trying to scare you, I'm just trying to make your visit to these islands that much better. No get all caught up in "this is paradise" da kine (BS) that you forget that get every type of peopo (people just like get in the mainland and everywhere else. That being said, have a good one and no go wondering around Nankuli or Waianae if you're caucasian. Aloha.


Whatcha gonna do when the sun goes down?

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Now, I live in Hawaii and most people just think surf and beaches and bikinis and whatnot when they ask me what I like to do the most. While those are all great, especially bikinis, I am definitely more about what goes on after dark. In Hawaii, we don't have the same attractions as people on the mainland but some of the best places to form memories are at different house stops, gatherings, and parties.
One of my favorite memories was finally talking to a high school crush at a paty my best friend dragged us too. We all just wanted to go drink cause in Hilo, where I was at the time, no more nothing really to do but that. My boy, Tai, decided to take us to a this two-story, BYOB, house paty that was filled a plethora of local college co-eds, including one young lady who I so foolishly asked to take a picture with me after a track meet. My line, "Great race, you wanna take a picture with me?" After dark is where it is in Hawaii no matter where you're at. Aloha.


Even paradise has it's dark days...

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Howzit going? I just learned that someone I knew for many years and saw all the time on-campus and in the housing at UH-Manoa passed away this weekend. From what I've heard, they aren't too sure if he had been drinking as it was his birthday. He was 23 years old and about to graduate. Death always seem to make you step back and think about your own life. Oftentimes, we all take for granted what we have in our lives and forget that life can end so quickly and when we least exect it.
If you're here on vacation or moving please remember to be safe. Hawaii is amazing but do not let it's beauty hypnotize you into forgetting that life flies by. You might miss something important or forget that we only have one chance to surf the wave of life. Live a life without regret but do not forget to take care. Even in paradise, there are dark days. The light always comes back out or may not even have left; we still have to endure the dark. Aloha.


September you wen go?

Filed under: Posts — SunDub @ 10:03:06 pm

Howzit going. You ever had one of those months where you open your eyes and it's all pau(finished). September was lidat over here at UH-Manoa. Our football team got it's first victory after getting crushed while looking good against USC and Michigan State. The Hurricanes that shook up the Gulf Coast gave cause for alarm all across the globe. Hawaii was no different.
Having been devstated by Iwa and Iniki in years past, Hawaii awaits it's next big one... Supposedly, Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa (two of three places that snow in HI) deter the storms from hitting due to their size. Hurricane Season is quite the phenomenon in HI. When the threat of a real big one occurs people run out to the grocery stores to buy 20 lb. bags of rice and toilet paper like they will never be produced again. It gets so nuts that stores just drop the pallets in the aisles and no longer stock shelves.
Common came to the islands to drop verses. Local music is an interesting blend. On the one hand you have the music that everyone associates with Hawaii, beautiful singing in the Hawaiian language, the ukulele, or slack key guitar. And on the other, you have everything else from Hawaiian, Reggae, Jawaiian(Hawaiian-Reggae), Hip-Hop, Country, Classical and... Haole Rot.
Haole Rot is making a play on the common slang for describing the way caucasian peel after getting sunburned. Started the Spring of 2004, Haole Rot had humble beginnings in the dorm room of Colin Rozett (C-Dizzle Ro-Dizzle) with his friend Justin Schultz. The group advertises to play "Brutal Hawaiian Death Metal". They've been known to play at the Pink Cadillac and Anna Bananas. As you can see, Hawaii offers a little something for each taste. Pick up the Honolulu Weekly each Wednesday and you'll find a list of what's happening from that day on through the weekend.
If you're still looking for something to do, Hale Noa on Kapahulu Avenue offers the finest in local Awa or Kava. Awa is a root that is used throughout the Pacific and provides quite the relaxing experience. It is advised to bring a designated driver if you plan to drink more than one bowl. At $2 a bowl, it's worth a try. It can also be found sold in a powder or pill form at Health stores. Just follow the directions and it'll be all good. One can expect to feel very relaxed and expect a great night of sleep without waking up with a hangover the next day. Eh, chance em, might as well Bra. Oh, but no go mix um with alcohol. The buggah is no good.
While Awa is sometimes compared to dirt water, Leonard's bakery is right up the street and Ono Hawaiian Food is on the same block. Both places are classics in Hawaii and offere great grinds for a pretty reasonable price.
Well, that's all for this week. Send me some questions and I'll do my bext to answer them. Hawaii is not beautiful but fascinating and we have more than just the beaches to talk about. Aloha and have a good one.

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