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Filed under: Posts — SunDub @ 11:44:57 pm

Happy New Year!!!

Howzit? Hope that all of you, my people, are safe and well. I consider myself to be spiritual and not necessarily religious. Last week, I discussed the 100,000 packs per house of fire crackers and sure enough, New Year's Eve was like an old Batman episode, "Pow, Bam, Boom". Well, here's the spiritual part, no longer than two minutes after the fireworks shows were pau(finished), it started to rain and wash away the smokey skies. How eerie is dat one bra? Small kine, eh.

Well, there was no almond champagne, but there was sangria. I suggest having a look at any recipe and see for yourself what you want to do with it. Once it gets nice and chilled it is an excellent drink. Something you can work on all night and then sleep nicely at the end. But don't get all crazy and put anything and everything inside. Find what suits you. And if you find a recipe that says to chop up lemons and throw it in, cancel dat one. Not sweet at all.

Okay, my people, live, love, and aloha in the '06.

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