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ABCD Element F Geisha House

Filed under: Posts — KZalan @ 12:54:34 am

So Element has since taken action as the "spot" of the moment in L.A. Since opening its doors to the public late last month, stars such as Nicole Ritchie and Lindsay Lohan have been more than happy to grace the club with their ever ready presence. I happened to be there for this star studded night complete with an all you can "see" buffet of A,B,C, and D listers. Lately in Hollywood I've been noticing that's it not about how much money you have but instead, how much air time you've acquired on T.V. Take reality stars or a.k.a. free working entertainment for the networks. They're not paid (most of the time) yet their mug becomes easily recognizable and boom, they're in. Like the stars of Laguna Beach (Lauren, Kristin and Steven) who have infiltrated L.A. with no hesitation to take advantage of the loose drinking privileges for underage "celebrities". This is what we have come to know as D listers. Instead of her usual Laguna posse, she was clinging to "Prince of Malibu" star Brody Jenner. Among others were Kirsten Dunst who kicked some guys out of the men's bathroom to place a phone call and Lindsay Lohan partied with birthday girl Nicole Ritchie who has since replaced the Hilton sisters with the Traina sisters. All in all it was a fun night. Afterall, instead of watching the drama on T.V., I got to watch it in real time. Brings new meaning to reality show.

So last night I went on a date with a celeb. No names...Since my complex underwent renovations, I resorted to a roll of quarters and solitaire at the nearest laundry mat. He walked in and I immediately noticed. While on his cell phone I overheard him say his washer just broke then his conversation quickly escalated into an argument. Girl...friend maybe? Once he was done I suddenly became bold. "Was it your fault?" I asked. He laughed and said no and soon we were chatting as we washed, dried, and folded. We said good bye and coincindentally bumped into him the next day at Runyon Canyon. We walked, talked and agreed on another laundry date later that week. On the third day he confessed his washer was fixed and all the questions he had been asking me for his "supposed" girlfriend was his way of finding out about me. We went out Saturday night to the Geisha House and I think our female bartender was hinting early on for a threesome. She was blatantly flirting with both of us asking repeatedly, "Is that dirty enough for you baby?" Referring to the martini of course, among other things and that's all I'm saying.

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