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"IT" Factor

Filed under: Posts — KZalan @ 12:30:50 am

The "IT" factor
Friday afternoon was stacked with meeting after meeting and although they were all very successful and went my way I came back to the office only to here some dreadful news. I heard one of our production people passing on information for an upcoming shoot. "Her name is uh...where is it, oh yes, Kris - tin Calamari? no Cavalleri? oh no it's Callavari" I assume the person on the other end said, "who the hell is that?" So the first person people immediately ask is ---- "HEY KRIS!" My attempts at pretending I wasn't listening failed. "Yes?" I reply. "Who's Kristin Caval--" and before she finished butchering the name I acted nonchalant. "Oh you know that girl, from Laguna Beach, she's on like every tabloid not because she's talented but because her publicist is Leslie Sloane-Zelnick." Everyone shot me a look. "What?!" Anyway, I got conned into working for production and as expected the B,C, and D listers of the industry are always the biggest divas and a-holes but hey, I guess she's the IT girl of the moment. ITGT...In Today, Gone's hoping.

Speaking of IT things. I finally got my Chloe Paddington in the new Whiskey color. Bag lovers will share my pride, as for the rest of you, put it this way, chances of obtaining this bag is about as slim as the chances of winning the may even have more "luck" with that. Might have to win the lottery before purchasing one of these. They're sold out EVERYWHERE!!!

Lastly, I went to a party Saturday night and met Jessica Alba who I think is really great and I commend her for not falling into the "stick" syndrome. As for sticks, present was Nicole Richie and Kate Bosworth. Imagine how skinny they are in the magazines and that's adding pounds. Apparently that's "IT".

BTW Soju is like Sake but tastes more like cheap vodka.


Dolce and Havana

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So Friday night I had plans to have dinner with 2 co-workers at Dolce. I had never been there before and with all the hype a while ago I did everything in my power to avoid it. It emded up being a trslly nice place and great service but I have to say the food was ok. What do you expect from an Italian joint owned by a 20 something year old celebrity from Iowa? I'm not saying it can't be done, it just obviously isn't done well on this cozy hangout on Melrose. I started getting that itch to be amongst a sweaty clad of people perhaps in a club or a busy lounge but my desires turned quickly. I started to really enjoy where I was and who I was with. But I haven't taken the plunge permanently. I still haven't given up completely on going "out". After all, you're only 24 once. I'll save the retirement until a LOT later. Later on we stopped by the Havana Clud for one more round. This was the place I saw a girl fall in last time. Well, no one fell in but we were greeted in the women's bathroom by a drunken male patron that started peeing in the sink...gross. We spared him the agony of embarassment and left him to his privacy.

So I finally was able to get into one of Amanda Scheer Demme's oh so elite parties thanks to my new friend I met last weekend. This one in particular was a lingerie themed event at a place called Teddy's. It all came together like a well written episode. Scheer (sheer), teddy, lingerie?? On any other planet it would be deathly cheesy but in L.A. it was quite brilliant. Not only is Amanda well-liked and well-known but she actually lives up to her standards and throws a really great party with a great DJ and awesome variety of people. The place is designed like a huge living room and I have to admit, I had one of the best times in a long time going out. Yeah it was still Hollywood but I felt like I was somewhere else and that is always a good thing.



Filed under: Posts — KZalan @ 08:58:49 am

Although I love to cook, my friends and I decided to find some way to celebrate our "departure" from our former employer. We weren't hesistant to indluge ourselves in any way since all 3 of us had indeed found other jobs. I guess you can say it was a good riddance/congratulations sort of celebration. It first started with the usual lunch at Cafe Med. It was a Thursday, and like clockwork, we saw the same players there including Dave Navarro, Melanie Griffith, and James Woods. Later on I spotted that hot model Jason Shaw. It couldn't have played out better than a movie. It was a crowded patio on a sunny day and one by one table started leaving. Even one of my girlfriends had to excuse herself for an appointment. So there we were. My friend and I and few tables away, him and his friend. I saw him get up for what I thought was a bathroom break, or maybe the hostess stand which we were sitting by and no, he came to our table and I immediately blushed like a little girl. Thank God my sunglasses were on...he asked us to join them andwe said no. Are you kidding???!?! Of course we did. Anyway, I was already one glass of wine too far but it was a great time and he's actually pretty cool.

Moving on....we ended up going out later to Lobby. Pretty cool place but ultra crowded and ultra pretentious. We decided to stick to our dining experiences which we had so much luck with. The next night, we hit the Peninsula. Pretty crowded for a Thursday night and we saw Brittany Murphy who looked really pretty. I think she was with her finacee who didn't look so well, you know. We dined at the restaurant which for a "world class chef" wasn't all that impressive. Next night, off to LUCQUES. Close to Marc Jocobs and I had passed by it a million times and never knew its existence. It's cool, on the smaller side, very upscale though. One of those places with like 6 apps and about 10 things listed for entrees all half of which you won't understand unless you are a culinary genius. But, it wasn't bad and I'd recommend it for a nice date. Saturday night, off to Morton's. We had all been craving steaks and the seafood there and the filet mignon I highly recomment. But lie and say you've been there before, otherwise you get this 15 minute long presentation of the USDA cut meats and the idaho potatoes...yeah no. That was it, met for casual Sunday lunch at Urth and pndered over old jobs but as they say, on with the new...


K Town and the Frog and Grog

Filed under: Posts — KZalan @ 08:31:46 am

Another great part about Los Angeles it's ability to make you feel like you're in one country and about 5 blocks later, make you feel like you're in another country. Almost in the same way cities such as Chicago and New York hace dedicated certain parts of the cities to specific cultural backgrounds. On route to downtown L.A., is one of the biggest cultural sections of the city, "K Town" as we call it or otherwise known to outsiders as Korea Town. Although it stretches more than a few city blocks, it gradually became it's own through businesses, restaurants, and housing developments. I had only been to one restaurant in the past during our usual huge gathering of friends and one reason is that these places usually are able to accomodate parties of 10 or more, plus, it's also become somewhat of a tradition to dine there once every so often. This time, our party of 20 and over decided on The Safety Zone and later on the Frog and Grog with one last stop at The Brass Monkey (yes, more than just a Beastie Boys song.)

The Safety Zone, an odd name indeed for a Korean BBQ restaurant. It's the kind where you watch the food cook in front of you and it's halfway outdoors and yet still enclosed so the NO SMOKING rule is pretty much tossed out the window since, well, there are no windows since technically you're outside. It's not the mose classy looking place and it's extremelely well lit so it's not the place you want to go for a romantically lit dinner. But best of all, you can be loud, obnoxious, and have a great time with your friends without the worry of embarassment. There's also not a full bar so if you want to experience LITE beer and soju shots, this is the place. Afterwards we shot over to THE GAYLORD. It's a hotel on Wilshire and drank more at the hotel bar, FROG AND GROG. It was a little ironic being in K Town yet at this very PUB place filled with an industry party in one room and what looked like a scene straight out of Ireland at the bar. It was about 1:30 a.m. when we got the sudden urge to try and hit one last spot. We quickly went to The Brass Monkey across the street and walked in to find a huge bachelor party chanting the lyrics to Kelly Clarkson's "Since You're Been Gone". It was enough to end the night on a funny note and we sat there, with our one drink minimum in hand, and watched as full grown men jumped up and down like Argentinian soccer players and finished the song to the end.

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