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Wild Fires, Wild Fridays

Filed under: Posts — KZalan @ 09:11:45 pm

Yet another wild fire erupted last night in the Agoura Hills/Thousand Oaks area and I couldn't help but think of an ex-agent I used to work with. I'll stop there before my thoughts purchase me a one way ticket to hell as if I haven't achieved that yet. So God help me. Anyway, it's amazing how far these fires were and yet last night I could've sworn I was burning the latest "trees on fire" incense. It even burned your eyes once you stepped foot outside. At least today, it seems under control and we are back to the normal smog scent that evades the air in the oh so great L.A.
So anyway, today I was off for an audition for a Lil Flip audition. For those of you less inclined in the rap, hip hop world, he is well, a rap hip hop artist. I love these audition posts that read under wardrobe. Dress: body conscious, short skirts, short shorts, mid-riffs...I mean, why not just flat out say come in your best hoochie mama gear and pray to God you won't be mistaken as a prostitute during the walk from your car to the audition site. Normally, I wouldn't subject myself to these things but since the lead girls were getting paid nearly $800 for a day's work, I sucked it up and did what I had to do --- went early so I could change in a bathroom and avoid looking like a prostitute. Only I was so happy it was over that I walked out forgetting what I looked like only to be reminded by some screaming construction workers passing by. I ran to my car and broke a heel on some new Aldo shoes. Nothing a little super glue can't fix I guess.
Well, off to my friend's bar where I decided to indulge myself on a shot of Jagermeister for lunch and my first cigarette of the week. We chatted about what else, guys and girls and I had to run off to a friend's concert at Viper Room at 3. I know this all sounds backwards but this was actually a showcase for Island Def Jam and it was also my first time seeing my friends play. Nico Vega is the band. If any of you have seen the movie Crash, you might recognize the drummer, Michael Pena, who played the Mexican guy with the sweet scene with his daughter. Anyway, I also saw some guy that looked extremely familiar but couldn't tell where I knew him from. I looked closer and heard the accent and realized it was that annoying director guy in Dawson's Creek. Better known as Todd Carr and Hal Ozsan in real life. Apparently he's a friend of the band's and a musician himself in a band called Poets and Pornstars. I stood in the back, conveniently by the bar and hung out with my friend Ken and tried to listen in on the suits next to us. It's funny watching these guys in suits amongst the rock crowd trying to do what looks like jamming to the music but looking more like they're trying to get out water stuck in their ears.
Once that was over I said my hellos and congrats and proceeded to go to Red Rock, another bar on Sunset. This time, to eat, not drink...but I did have a beer. I was chatting with my friend Rob that works there when I hear one of those annoying Hollywood type assholes in a suit talking about the latest chick he's banged and how he's going to do it again tonight and I look over and see the suit talking to someone who looks familiar again. It's Joe E. Tata...aka Nat from Beverly Hills 90210. I restrain myself from making Peach Pit jokes but once the annoying suit decided to ask me for a light, I knew my time to go was nearing. I was a bit creeped out by the whole experience and began wondering if I was launched into some pre-teen bad dream. First Dawson's, then 90210. I needed to get away. Luckily my boss from the Location Company calls me to have martinis at the Grove and I gladly accepted.
I meet Paul at an outdoor spot which I usually frequent with my girlfriends but since they're in Fiji I needed my weekly fix. Just as I was enjoying my break from the nightmare that was, four girls sit behind us at a patio high top with a taller gentleman. I ignored the fuss and focused my attention on Paul until I heard yet another familiar voice. Turns out to be Joshua Jackson. I told Paul I had to go and as I tried explaining the events of the day, I decided it was no use. I'm debating on going out tonight for fear of completing the nightmare and bumping into a cast member from the O.C. Only then, will the pre-teen nightmare be complete!

By the way, I can't believe they killed off Michael Vartan in ALIAS! I love him! I visited him once on the set and he's soooooo HOT! If anyone watches the show my friend dates the character Sark (not sure if he's still on the show) but that's how I was introduced. HE'S SO HOT!!

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