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Killing the Dream

Filed under: Posts — KZalan @ 07:11:04 pm

I've been back in L.A. now for a couple days which is a little sad considering most people go to Sundance supposedly for the "art" of filmmaking and yet most leave before the awards ceremony. Makes you wonder what everyone's intentions going there really are. Anyway, I was ready to come back to weather that didn't require gloves, scarves, or heavy overcoats. There are some things afterall that I love about L.A. Since being back I picked up some freelance work with a production company. I can't really say which movie I've been working on but I can say it's highly anticipated and following in the footsteps of the broadway turned blockbuster trend. I've gotten to know the production crew pretty well as well as some of the actors on set and got invited to a SAG after party last night. I didn't stay too long since I had to wake up at 5 this morning to be on set but it was interesting. I decided to pace myself and drink a "mixed" martini as opposed to straight up vodka. It seemed to work since I surpassed my normal drinking limit.

Of course it became more interesting when under the influence. I spotted some of the cast of Grey's Anatomy which for me was an event in itself for me since I've recently become a fan of the show since Season 2. I got to meet Isaiah Washington who play Burke who was extremely nice and polite. I saw "Spederline" who looked like a polished train wreck still. Kevin needs a hair cut desperately because the Steven Segal look was doing absolutely nothing for me and Brit, well, she's Brit... Also saw the Desperate Housewives chicks and no matter how hard I try, I can never get into that show so needless to say I wasn't too excited to see them. I did overhear one of Lindsay Lohan's people talking about her so called recent bad luck of losing her diary and tripping on some stairs. It's funny because they were laughing about it and jokingly pondering what's going to happen next as if it's all planned. Well maybe not the stitches in her head part (that would be insane) but seriously, who the hell brings their diary to a nightclub since that's where the diary was allegedly stolen. Come on...and these so called juicy details of Jared Leto and Adam Levine that we'll never hear about hence meaning they don't exist. Sometimes I wish I lived in a small town where all this news would be believable and I was naive enough to buy into all of it. Oh well, that's Hollywood, killing the dream.


Park City

Filed under: Posts — KZalan @ 04:29:55 pm

When given the chance to tag along to Park City Utah for Sundance, I jumped at the chance. Seems Hollywood has been a little quiet and boring for me lately and of course I'd jump at the chance to travel anywhere. My "actor" friend had accomodations at some place called The Canyons which was really nice. Since we arrived Friday night we've spotted Tommy Lee, Jennifer Aniston, Lucy Liu, and Adrian Grenier among many others. It was my first time ever being completely inland (not by any major coast) besides living in Chicago. I decided to go based more on the fact that I had never been anywhere like that before rather than following "Hollywood" to a nearby city for endless partying. The mood here, although chilly, was very warm. People are friendly and unlike some other cities that would go crazy at the site of celebs, everyone seems to remain pretty calm and contained. While there the first night, we headed to the Brew Pub and thanks to an overly friendly bartender, I was given this lesson on Park City.

Apparently during Sundance, this little town, population 7,000 turns into a mini party with several businesses shut down privately for the likes of their coastal visitors. Most hotels/resorts have been booked since last summer and it's nearly impossible to find parking in the city. Most beer sold here is at a 3.2 level of content, which as you fellow beer drinkers know is relatively low. This is what most "public" places carry. However, for the hard core drinkers, you need to purchase memberships at the "private" clubs to drink the higher end Brace yourself since membership can cost up to about, oh say in the neck of $5. Yes, that's right, 5 bucks. I wanted to laugh when he was explaining until I realized he was deathly serious. basically, if you come here during Sundance and not part of the "in" crowd, be prepared to drink low content beer and hitting the local McDonald's (if they even have one) since getting in anywhere is as easy as finding a parking spot here. Luckily, I didn't have that problem but it was still a pain in the ass doing things. But alas, the goal of getting hammered never fails. Park City's beer may be at a 3.2 but I give Park City an 8.0 out of 10.


Club Sick

Filed under: Posts — KZalan @ 12:26:33 am

Club Sick. No, it's not a "really cool" club or a "kickass" place, unfortunately it really means sick as in ill. It wasn't a surprise after gallavanting around the world that I'd become quite sick but I didn't expect it to take me to the hospital for a week. There's nothing scarier than feeling like shit and having some doctor tell you, "we're not sure what's wrong with you." It's getting better but I'm starting to become restless here at grand ole Cedars Sinai. I apologize for not having something more to offer but some ex co workers of mine did bring the party to me this afternoon. Since it's Martin Luther King day and most people took off, they decided to come by and visit. They also snuck in a bottle of wine. Yay for me. I've been all too sober for the past couple of weeks, it was time to break the cycle. Since it's January, and most people are sick, it was a risk for me have more sick people but visit but anything in the name of fun was worth it to me. Afterall, there's only so much 'The Office' episodes I can watch and I cannot get wireless here since it could potentially interfere with the crap I'm attached to.

Only in L.A. do you find Paparazzi hanging out in the corridors or the exits. They'll get as close as they can scanning for the latest "exhausted" celebrity or whatever is usually part of the publicity stunts these days. Funny, I saw an "agent" like person toting around around one of those fake baby things you attach to your stomach like in sex ed. Now I'm just waiting to hear which celeb is all of a sudden knocked up with a belly that popped out of nowhere. Hmmm....I have seen someone else here that I's rather not dish out since we'll probably here about it soon anyway and well, I have to respect the fact that they are trying to get over what is obviously an eating disorder. No, it's not our friend L.Lo but close. I just want to get the hell out of here and get back to normal life. Well, these are my words but I'm entrusting a dear friend to type it up for me since I can't here in the hospital. I'm hoping there's no mispellings and no added shit that I didn't write. I hope everyone is doing well and not sick. Once again, I apologize for the lack of luster in my life this past week but I promise I'll make up for it. Take care everyone.


Electronic Geek to Sheek, Period!

Filed under: Posts — KZalan @ 04:14:39 pm

Hope everyone's new year has kicked off to a great start. Every year, shortly after New Years, there's a convention that takes places in Las Vegas. The Consumer Electronics Show. Usually it coincides with the Beauty which nonetheless clashes together. But take hold, the CES has arisen to new starworthy status pushing over the Beauty Expo. It seems the budding interest in all things electronics has sparked the presence of many Hollywood celebs as well as NFL and NBA athletes. The CES has been a client of my sister's boyfriend and when he announced leaving January 5 for Vegas, we decided to go as well. After all, it was on the way to L.A. for me. We had no idea...Ian (sis' bf) returned with a scheduled list of artist performances and celeb appearences all dedicated to the launching of new products. Some had actually been hired to endorse the products themselves which of course, is a great idea. My fav was Justin Timberlake and Snoop Dogg for XBOX. Since I've already written twice (maybe more) about the nightlife in Vegas...I'm just going to skip that for redundancy.

Well after a long long journey, I returned back to L.A. (with a tan I might add). I already miss everything I hated. The airports, the security checks, the uncomfortable sleeping arrangements, the uncertainty of what we were eating, etc. etc. It was a nice change of scenery and although I could go without the long plane rides, there were moments that and places that took your breath away. Not counting the twins' farts that literally took our breaths away. But anyway, I'll be back in the swing of things pretty soon although I'm becoming more accustomed to daytime drinking as opposed to nighttime drinking? Hmm I wonder why? On a few notes, I was shopping the other day and passed by OC starlet Mischa Barton who was wearing some tight strethy white pants. But a stain near her crotch area caught my eye and I told myself, there's no way...yeah whatever. So the next day, I hear how she was photographed shopping around with Aunt Flo, literally. Yeah, pretty embarassing. Girls, let this be a lesson not to wear white during that time unless you decided on some EXTRA SUPER ABSORBENT type massive tampon...gross.


New Year's Weave?

Filed under: Posts — KZalan @ 02:14:30 pm

After much traveling outside the US, it was nice to finally head back and enjoy the no language barriers and of course the convenience of wireless networks everywhere you go. We flew into Miami after a LONG plane ride and drove up to West Palm where one of our travelers had a home. We stayed long enough to catch up on some long awaited rest then went back to our crazy travel schedule. Next stop, the mecca of New Year's Eve, New York City. Once we flew in we decided instead of shopping clients, it was time for us to do the shopping. My best friend Ashley decided she wanted to look ultra fabulous for New Years and have extentions put it. I went with it and got my hair dyed and cut. We got a room at the Sofitel hotel and decided to pre-party Saturday night. For some reason, we decided on getting wasted asap and downed a couple long islands which turned out later to not be such a great idea...

3 hours later and 5 long islands down, we decided to head to a bar that we purchased tickets for. Although drinks were included in the hundred dollar tickets, we obviously didn't need them anymore. There we were, all 16 of us, partying hard until the stroke of midnight when, the ball and some of our stomachs dropped...I saw another friend immediately puking behind a speaker and next, Ashley started to..on the dance floor. She grabbed her hair and thr force of puking must've made her pull out her train of hair. I saw what looked like a beautifully dyed animal clenched in one of her manicured hands and laughed as I helped her. She asked me, "what am I supposed to do with this?" I told her to just toss it. "Toss it where?" she asked. I told her on the floor and just as we were about to flee the scene, a security stopped up and told her to pick it up. She ended up having to cart it around and sadly to say, she looked ridiculous. We headed back to the hotel where we all passed out and as I held her hair while she puked in the toilet I told her, "it's ok, we all had a great new year's weave." She tried to say I hate you but the puke intervened. What are friends for right?

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