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Island Hopping, Holiday Hopping

Filed under: Posts — KZalan @ 06:24:21 pm

So it took a while to find wireless access. Surprisingly, the more exotic you go, the harder it is to find. I guess when you think about it, the last thing one would expect you to do is hop on your computer and use the internet. That explains the "looks" I've been getting when toting my laptop in hand and asking, "are you wireless?" Anyway, I've since been to three locations including Oahu, Cabo San Lucas, and now far away in Fiji. It's beautiful here and as soon as I figure out how to upload my pics properly from my camera I'll have to show you. There's been lots of partying going on here. While in Cabo, a local suggested we go to the El Agave Bar. Apparently, it is known to carry more than 150 types of tequilla and of course we were up to the challenge, we started with the gold, then the silver (my fav) then for the remaining standing the anejo. It didn't take long before our party of 14 was wasted. We then challenged each other to eating the jalapenos which came with the meal. I daringly took the first bite and thought I was going to die. I was amazed that my friend Franco and twin brother Marco followed and went through the dreadful experience. At least we were the entertainment that night.

We traveled Friday night to get to Fiji where we are staying at Shagri-La's Fijian Resort and as I sit here, typing as fast as I can to head out to Suva to hit up some spots including Traps Bar. We head out Wednesday morning to New Zealand and although this is has been a fun journey, we've also all been working hard promoting and gathering new clients. The holidays were great and I intend to open all my gifts once I get back to L.A. but for now, I have too much I'm lugging around. We've all placed bets on our friend Sean as we're trying to get him laid while in Fiji and tonight I predict is his night so I'm crossing my fingers because a new digital camera on the line would be nice. The days are going by way too fast and I don't want this trip to end but sadly, all good things come to an end.


Leaving Los Angeles

Filed under: Posts — KZalan @ 12:28:27 pm

Well I recently left my job to take a spot on a promotional tour that will take place for 3 weeks. You may wonder why I chose to leave a permananent job for a not so permanent one and that's because this 3 week stint pays almost a year's salary plus I get to travel to God knows how many places in those 21 days. It's an up and coming surf company and like my friends and I know from Orlando and San Diego, these guys know how to party. In fact, it's always been a wonder to me how then can do so relentlessly with no breaks in between. But regardless of the explaination, I still love being around them. So with my newly purchased laptop, I'll be writing from different locations and reporting on the scene.

Anyway, I did get some celebrating in before my bon voyage. On Friday night, I met up with friends at La Piazza and watched as it snowed in the Grove for about 2 minutes. As we gulped down the eggnog which was 3/4 Grand Marnier and 1/4 half and half, we skipped over to Madeo's in Beverly Hills. Surprisingly, I wasn't too thrilled about the food although everyone had talked this place up. Maybe I just ordered the wrong thing. Our party of 20 exchanged gifts, drank, ate dinner, drank so more. So then, Saturday night, I decided to try a sushi place I hadn't been before. Nobu. It was everything everyone said it was. I was highly satisfied with the food that night. Well, Happy Holidays everyone.


Hump Days and Painted Blue Balls

Filed under: Posts — KZalan @ 09:41:42 pm

So lately I've been noticing Wednesdays have been the new kickoff for my weekends. Last week I attended a premiere and this week I got to meet Jed. He was in Los Angeles and I couldn't pass up the chance of meeting the male counterpart to Cats and Dogs. It's funny meeting someone you've never met yet feel as if you've had full access to their diary. Of course, not everything detail but you know what I mean. In the end, I had a blast, I stayed out later than I intended since I had to get up early the next day but it was worth it and I don't regret any minute of it. Since the rest of the week I wined and dined at bars, my friends and I decided to do something different on Saturday. We arranged for a game of paintball near Magic Mountain. We woke up early, met and made our way north. It's funny how military-like and serious paintball can be. I mean, you have people who invest in their own equipment, special signals and calls that people relay to each and meanwhile, I'm shooting blindly hoping not to get popped in the eye. There were different courses you could play in and I couldn't imagine how much more frightening a real battle field would be like...

Three hours later and 6 pairs of ear plugs down, it was over. We pondered whether or not we should change and go home then meet again later when a strike of madness came over us. Our friend David had gotten his in his "area" with a blue ball and it dawned on us. Why not spend the rest of the day like this? It wasn't as if we looked like a Jackson Pollock piece but their were hints of paint all over us. Still, we decided to have lunch, which people accepted, and later, dinner and drinks that way. This was a little more difficult and funny. Some people gave us the "we're booked" excuse when really they weren't and just as we were about to give up, The Day After let us in. I think we blended in with the bright decor and flashing lights and when we were among the crowd, we blended in. It was a relief not to have gotten all dolled up for a night out and even though I do like the process of getting ready, I enjoyed myself equally that night, paint and all.


Premiere to the Holidays

Filed under: Posts — KZalan @ 10:24:18 pm

So it's about that time of the year, holiday parties and drinking with co workers. I have to say, it's been the best time taking on a new job. What better to kick things off with some alcohol and industry related parties. This past Wednesday I was invited to the premiere of a new series soon to hit Sci Fi. At first I didn't think it was going to be a big deal but as soon as I pulled up there I immediately spotted James Franco in the parking gargage. As I walked towards the event I noticed a number of reporters and flashing lights as people (most likely actors or creators of the show) were being interviewed. Among these people were Brian Singer, Eric Stoltz, some hot aussie actor, and Lou Diamond Phillips to name a few. It was exciting like usual to be among such an event but as soon as it was over, we proceed to the reception which was dazzled with lighted martinis and a seafood buffet over 6 feet tall. I was a bit tired after a long day of work but managed to find my second wind after a couple martinis. I'm not sure when the show actually airs but if it's as good as the premiere then I can only expect good things in store for all those involved.

I was invited to yet another industry party this past Saturday at Chocolat which is a restaurant/bar that was closed for this very private gathering. I was invited to an early dinner to kick off the night which was follwed by the main party at 9. It began filling up quickly with the typical industry people which is pretty much "all the people behind the scenes" i.e. directors, creators, writers, etc. I'm sure I was among some heavy hitters but I did manage to see and meet Joey McIntyre (sp??) whatever, the youngest New Kid on the Block although he's not so young anymore. It was weird and again becoming a very common thing for me to meet people I once admired as a child and don't really care for anymore but it's still something to talk about I guess. As the night progressed my friend, who is gay and the best person to party with began attempts at stealing ornaments off the massive Christmas tree. I wanted a baby shoe but it was a little out of reach and since we're both short, we nearly took the tree down pulling it off. We gave up and I eventually gave up on the night after feeling a wave of tiredness from the earlier dinner. I had had enough of the L.A. scene for one week although I never mind seeing hot actors. Anyway, back into the office tomorrow morning and until next time, cheers to everyone for the holidays!

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