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New Year's in Hawaii

Filed under: Posts — SunDub @ 05:08:11 am

time out folks. no one ever told me that in the mainland you can't use fireworks for new year's. how is it that i went 25 years without ever knowing this. how is it, that those of you living there miss out on that for so long. i guess i can see not doing it for safety reasons and whatnot but i cannot imagine a new year's without hearing the sound of 100,000 chinese firecrackers exploding or inhaling the vast amount of smoke that pollutes the air. hmmm, on second thought maybe you guys don't have it so bad.

one of the few traditions i've taken part in for new year's is to eat azuki beans. my grandmother is okinawan and she said it brings in good luck. to be honest, they are really asty for a bean. they are sweet and go good with all sorts of food: rice, shave ice, mochi. if you're looking for something new, give that a try. i'll be trying something new this year: almond champagne. how do you make almod champagne. i'd hate to be the person at the almond factory trying to squeeze juice out of that to make it like wine. ok, not funny. i kid, i kid. you all have a great and safe new year's and if you're in hawaii, enjoying the fireworks, might as well, cause when else are you going to get to do that legally on new year's. shoots den aloha.

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