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Ryan's Bar and Grill

Filed under: Posts — SunDub @ 11:15:18 am

Alright so I've never been to Ryan's at Ward in Honolulu. I always heard it was cool and whatnot but for some reason never made it there until this past Friday. The Eagles were in town and people were all over. I got to Ryan's at about 11pm looking for some grinds and a couple of drinks. Well, I found both and then some at Ryan's.
It was off the hook. The place is seat yourself for the bar side and has a waiting time if crowded at the restaurant. I chose the bar side and was treated to an excellent menu that was in the 10-20 dollar range per entree and the drinks were phenomenal. They feature a large variety of mixed drinks and claim to have the largest selection of liquor in the Pacific. They also had a disclaimer which advised the customer to inform them of anything that is not on the list so that they can go out and get it. I'm going to have to find something obscure and test that claim and get back to you all but what they offered was excellent.
The Hana Hou is winner of a drink that tastes something like orange sherbert with a kick and the Mai Tai is a buzz with their secret ingredients. Here's a hint as to what one of those ingredients is: I went on a JD binge awhile back... Be safe, be great, Aloha.

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