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coming to a close

Filed under: Posts — SunDub @ 12:00:35 pm

Howzit. Well another semester is nearing it's end as well as a year is ending. Many thoughts come to mind while reflecting on this semester. Should have gone to class more is certainly up there along with, i've been in college for so long, it was time to hit the books a few years ago. I have a BA however I've been slow to make progress on more advanced degrees. Oh well, I love new semesters. I'm due for some good ones.

This semester of work was really a quite unique one as well. I saw some things I never encountered working in a University Housing system. This was by far the most challenging and rewarding semester because of them. I need to get that memoir about the experienced finished.

Seems like this blog is about what I need to do. Well, I've done a few good things, probably more as I am highly critical of myself. I do realize there is work to do. What are the things that you need to do? Have you ever left anything unfinished. With escalating global terror and the destruction of our world, wouldn't it be nice to finish up on the things we wanted in order to go out with no regrets. I've always tried to live like that and I always come back to these thoughts. It's as if I'm addicted to mediocrity if that makes any sense. Awhile back I chose greatness for my life... Looks like I need to re-commit to that before I'm old and grey and can no longer do what I am lucky to do. Aloha and have a great holiday season.

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