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What Happened L.A.?

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So after my weekend in Orange County I was stoked to finally go out in L.A. But after the weekend I began asking myself, "what happened L.A.?" I started thinking it was maybe just one of those things when after a while things just get a little bleh and then they pop again. Friday night my friends and I headed to Tropicana. This is actually the place I met Jed for the first time...remember the Men In Black??? We were nervous since the recent firing of one of Hollywood'd biggest promoters and hoped thatit wouldn't be dull and dead. We walked in for our 9:30 table to see that is was indeed, dead. We decided to hold off, ordered our bottles at the table and waited. Thank god it got busy - real busy. We started inviting people over to our table (obviously we were wasted) and began chatting up with one group only to realize we had so much in common - one guy had worked at the same agency with our other friend and some people that were visting him from Michigan new my ex (gross). No matter where you move or how big things seem, you always realize it's a small world. The excitedness of meeting new people when I went out started to fade a little. Now it was, "I know this person, Oh I know that person's person too and this person..." Sort of takes the fun out of it...
The next day, extremely drunk and hungover, I started having the "I'm never gonna drink again" thoughts. But as night time came, I found myself making a 10:00 dinner reservation for Koi. I had started getting fed up with trying out new places that sucked and wanted a a good dinner for once. It had been several months since my last visit there and maybe it was an off night but after our check I wondered what all the hype was about the place. I had the sushi but wasn't drooling over it and the crowd there was the best I've seen in a long time but for me it didn't live up to the huge hype it promotes. But props to them for not being a flash in the pan restaurant and for having endless paparazzi out front. Anyway, we were still on the prowl and decided to cruise sunset blvd and find another spot. Much to out dismay, we discovered Sunset had sort of gone to shit. It just looked a little trashy. I tend to stay away from Sunset (now I remember why) and was upset to see that the famed Sunset Blvd. was well, no comment. We headed over to the Cahuenga Corridor which has been a new little spot in Hollywood and thankfully found a spot to grab a nightcap. Hopefully it's just an off time waiting to pick up again or else, I may have to start hitting those private parties again...


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