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Hey all, well, unfortunately I had a horrible weekend which put a damper on the party plans. As of Saturday I became a victim of the huge auto theft problem in Los Angeles. In addition to that, my house was broken into as well and burglarized. Sadly, my laptop, Taylor guitars, and other valuables were stolen. I've been trying to gather my thoughts and self together but am desperately trying to cope with the losses I've recently experienced. I guess in cases like these, it's better to try and move on and figure out where to go from there even though all I want to do is track down whoever did this and make sure they never do this again, much less breathe. But, I'll leave that to the karma police and hope for the better.
So before my night was brutally spoiled, I headed out to the Belmont on Friday night which was pretty cool. I went with my mystery man and we tried every martini on the menu. After that we decided to go to Jones which is one of my favorite spots in Hollywood and we ended up talking to two people who I couldn't figure out if they were male of female. I know it sounds crazy but one looked like a cross between Michael Jackson and Robert Downey Jr. Kinda like the son in Nip/Tuck. Anyway, maybe it was the alcohol affecting my vision or maybe we just had the best time with two trannys! But sorry I don't have more exciting news, I spent a glamourous Sunday morning at the L.A.P.D. filing reports and calling insurance. To make it worse, it's pouring here in L.A. I guess now is the time to look for that silver lining. Take care everyone and lock your doors!


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