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A Cabana and a Velvet Margarita

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Happy Halloween everyone! So this past weekend I escaped into an underground Mexican cantina and the next day into a Mediterranean-style getaway. Surprisingly, I did this all without leaving Hollywood. Friday night I joined some friends at La Velvet Margarita Cantina. The great thing about Hollywood is feeling sometimes like you are in fact on a set without actually being on one. This place could have easily passed for a scene in a Tarantino movie or at least a creepy restaurant dream sequence in A Nightmare Before Cinqo De Mayo. Behind the bar they play black and white Mexican cult films. Hearty proportions of food and nice presentation along with great service. It's dark, colorful, underground and has enough distractions in case your date is boring and you suddenly find yourself with wandering eyes. This is the place waiting rooms should be modeled after.

The next day, I made an appearence at a birthday party at the Cabana Club. Luckily my party reserved a couple cabanas outdoor and since it was a nice night, it was the perfect setting. This place was like walking into a different country in the heart of Hollywood. Complete with palm trees, cabanas, waterfalls and even a shallow pool, the owners really nailed the theme they were going for. It's a scene built for celebs and the unending line outside for all waiting to gain entrance who most likely will not. I have to admit, for those that do, it's definitely worth the wait. By the end of the night, my party was among the last to leave and like all great nights it ended with a memorable moment. Partying by a pool leads to the inevitable and I know I always secretly hope for someone to fall in and sure enough someone did. For all the male drunken eyes a poor girl with a sheer dress on and obviously no bra brought new meaning to "It ain't over till..." I think I prefer this girl to the fat lady any day.


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