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Orange County - The NO.C.

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It's always good to get away every once in awhile. It gives you a chance to get some clarity and the best situation of all, to appreciate the things that you have. The last leg of the birthweek ended back in O.C. San Clemente to be particular although if you want to get to the nearest major city, it would be Irvine and for a step beneath that, Laguna. Although we had to drive north just to find a decent place to eat and hang out, I started to realize to myself that the closest I would ever get to Laguna Beach again is on t.v. if that at all. It's funny that people seem to think L.A. is a snobby place and after being there, L.A. was looking more and more friendlier. It's not that everyone is rude or gives you the look down (twice, thrice) it's just that I couldn't help but feel like I was in high school. During lunch I got my first snicker after answering where I was from. His only comeback was, "I'm sorry (that you live in L.A.)" I replied, "I'm not." The small minded mentality was beginning to make me gag. "Are you a moviestar?" "Uh, no, there are people in L.A. who aren't 'moviestars'." And who the hell says moviestars anyway?? Girls competing with their clothes, their purses, their boyfriends and the size of their tits. I mean, I didn't have to worry about drowning when there was two flotation devices floating within arms reach. Going out was the worse (in the beginning of the night). As I observed, it could only be described as what appeared to be multiple "cliques". Again, high school. And the fact that everything closed at 9:30!?! We left her house to get something to eat at 10:30 and found out everything had shut down and the only things still opened were these little bar/clubs that I could no longer tolerate. Thank god we found a little spot that saved the night, a bar by the name of Hennessy's. The bartenders and the people there were pretty friendly granted we had headed back down south towards San Clemente and was now in Dana Point. Within a day, I found myself missing L.A. and the overall hopsitality and believe it or not politeness of the people here. I definitely drove back into town in my new car and a new attitude towards L.A. I never thought I would be so happy to see "You are now in Hollywood"...unfortunately my best friend has nestled herself into San Clemente so I'll have to endure the trips to see her but will most likely head further south next time, to San Diego or back to that nice bad in Dana Point. Sorry but no.c. for me.


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