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Happy Birthweek

Filed under: Posts — KZalan @ 12:40:53 pm

So it's my birthweek. That's right I said week. My friends and I have since decided that instead of having birthdays, we will have birthweeks. If you are like me or any of my friends, we've all had those birthday we wished didn't happen. We find ourselves saying, "Why did this have to happen on my birthday??!!" "Why couldn't it have been tomorrow?! yesterday?!" So now, in order to ensure ONE and ideally more good days, we've invented the birthweek. This week is my birthweek, yes the actual day still matters but every day will be a celebration. We have it all mapped out. Tonight, me and another friend drive to OC to meet up with my best friend, then we're going to San Diego. After that, we drive back to L.A. fly to Vegas and finish off the week back in L.A. Oh and in between all this, there's definitely gonna be lots of booze and shopping...

So it was one of these "movie" weekends in Hollywood. Not that I went, but instead of the buzz being about some new place, everyone was talking about the long awaited Da Vinci Code even though the folks at Cannes made no hesitation to slam it hard with bad ratings right before it's big premiere. I still believe no one really cares about ratings except for people in the big cities. I never remember touching a newspaper or jumping online to find out if the movie was good or not. We just WENT. Anyway, my friends and I ended up having dinner at Katana's and checked out this new place Social which wasn't so Social but really nice inside. Maybe it was too early??


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