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Going South of L.A.

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So I got stranded this weekend. My best friend was moving down to CA and I wanted to meet up with her so we arranged to meet halfway in Huntington Beach. I was pretty excited since it had been a while and figured I'd make a day long trip out of it and head back to L.A. for another friend's birthday party. Once we met up she informed me that her boyfriend would need to use the car later and not to worry, we would be fine...right. So we end up going to this bar in Santa Cruz and her bf meets us there to grab her car. So it's like good ol times in Florida when we're drinking, no worries, shot after shot and I'm feeling pretty good when this guy walks in. Apparently he runs his own shop close by and is like the local town "hunk". He was HOT. His name was James. We started talking and luckily he had a friend that ended up talking to my friend. So James was REALLY cool and before we knew it the bar was closing up. Luckily they knew the owners and we stuck around long enough trying to track down her bf. Now I'm thinking forget the bf, we need to call a hotel. Of course James is nice enough to invite us to stay at his place which seems like a psycho idea but he seems NICE.

So we go. Turns out there's like a huge party going on. Apparently this happens ALL the time and here I thought L.A. knew how to party. I thought I was walking into the ASP Surf Championships. I couldn't keep up with the number of pro surfers, skaters and random people I had seen in Hawaii and throughout my years of surf and skate expos. It was pretty cool and the house was AMAZING. I was starting to think I was falling in love with this guy. So James and I kept talking throughout the night and he ended up being one of the sweetest guys I've ever met. I ended up crashing in his bed alone (his idea) while he slept on the floor. We went to lunch the next day and still wondered where my friend's bf and at that point, we had forgotten about and had the best time. Sucks that James lives a distance from L.A. but I think I see myself making trips to the OC more often. It's the best feeling having a crush...


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