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A Bridge in L.A.

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I had a pretty exhausting week, and weekend. Some friends were in town and of course wanted to do the whole "LA" thing. GREAAT. Turned out to not be so bad after all. We made reservations from the Koi Group's latest addition, Bridge. I immediately went to the website to check this place out and was amazed. You should see for yourself. Not only is it a huge restaurant (rare in LA), but the architecture is just by far, one of the more impressive dining digs in L.A. Of course, anything from the guys ar Koi in anything short of amazing. Anyway, it sort of reminded me of the restaurants in Chicago. It could almost pass as something in Vegas as well. Anyway, the best of all, they carried my absolute favorite vodka in the whole world, Van Gogh Pineapple Vodka. I was downing martinis before the appetizers came and I suddenly realized I drank my hunger away. The menu is moreso Italian but there's a splash of variety in there. I ended up ordering 2 appetizers as my main course. My gay friend became starstruck when he saw Maria Menuonos (spell check?) and Ryan Seacrest among others. Anyway, we finished off the night at OBAR on Santa Monica Blvd.
Funny thing happened the other day, I came across someone's blog who had mention Friendsation, then I saw that she had written something about me. I think it was in all good humor but apparently she had been suspicious of her husband emailing another chick or as I say "e-cheating". And she says she opened up his email account to see a message saying "You have received a kiss from Friendsation." To be honest, those things get annoying after a while and in the beginning I checked it often and did the "polite" thing as the message commands to send back the kiss and I guess she had thought I sent him the kiss out of pursuit. It was kinda funny, it's not like she went off but she was like, "I'd like you to know my husband is not even 6 feet tall." I tried emailing in efforts to explain the ways of our friendsation site and to assure her it was not in pursuit when he was in fact the one who sent it to me but her email wasn't working. Plus, it was dated last year probably soon after this site went up and well, I guess it's safe to say it's blown over. Just thought I'd mention it.


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