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plastic surgery...

Filed under: Posts — DitigalAgitation @ 06:43:09 am

I was bored the other night and while flipping through the channels, came across the Dr. 90210 show. Just about every person on there is either getting a breast augmentation, nose job, or lipo. Of course, these are "the norm" as far as making yourself look better is concerned. But then there was a woman having cheek implants replaced... and that brings me to my subject today.

Really fucked-up plastic surgery.

There are people out there that go for the obvious, and then others that totally go for really unusual things.

Take Jocelyn Wildenstein for an example. She has had so many surgeries that her face looks like something out of a horror movie...

Or there's the "catman" who had surgery and tattoos so that he would look like a cat... even with whiskers, sharpened fangs, and claws!

Those are a little extreme, but there are tons of people out there that are maybe just going a little too far... or maybe they're doing just what they want to do? What's your opinion? When does it go too far?


  1. What's disturbing me of late are the number of American women who look the same - please don't take any offence, but occasioally I plonk Oprah on in the middle of the day for a lunch break, and the audience has a disturbing look of sameness about them - not real almost. Does anyone else feel that way or is it my Aussie impression?

    Comment by juji [Visitor] — 02/28/06 @ 14:11

  2. well the oprah audience is more the idealized version of what american women look like. go to the airport in St. Louis sometime or anywhere in the mid west for that matter. That's what real american women look like. Fat and homely.

    Comment by Hawkwind [Member] — 02/28/06 @ 15:23

  3. Something that's difficult to wrap my head around is the fact that you're really gambling with what your kids are going to look like... will they have blonde hair? will they have a huge nose? Will there be other physical anomalies that your mate has "fixed" that manifest themselves in your child?

    but at least they won't look like an animal...

    Comment by DitigalAgitation [Member] — 02/28/06 @ 16:22

  4. I want to have an animal baby

    Comment by Linzalicious [Member] — 02/28/06 @ 19:21

  5. well, Linz... I think that many generations of farmers have proven that it's not possible... sorry to disappoint.

    but you could have your wish through surgery... and I hear that it's much better when the child is young, that way they don't remember how painful the recovery is.

    Comment by DitigalAgitation [Member] — 02/28/06 @ 21:53

  6. Does having animal babies require having sex with animals?

    Comment by just curious [Visitor] — 03/01/06 @ 18:29

  7. i only have sex with men who act like animals. I figure if I find the right one, something hairy will come out of our passionate lovemaking.

    Comment by Linzalicious [Member] — 03/01/06 @ 23:32

  8. I was so excited to see the Catman on your blog! I just saw him near my home in Edmonds, Wa and I couldn't believe it!!! I was driving along and I noticed someone with face paint on, driving ahead of me- I realized who it was- but just to be sure (and b/c I really wanted to take a picture) I followed him to the Costco parking lot. I was right! It was him! Ver exciting for me! Apparently he lives on a near by island! Hhh- who would have thought! Anyway- I liked your blog and wanted to share my Catman story!

    Comment by LMC [Member] — 03/02/06 @ 08:49

  9. You don't live near the Island of Dr Moreau, do you?

    Comment by DitigalAgitation [Member] — 03/02/06 @ 10:01

  10. I checked out that site, and I'm not sure exactly what's up with it... I'm sure it's a hoax site of some sort, but I don't know who runs it because they use a proxy host. Must be some kind of viral advertising scheme.

    I'd be willing to bet that if it were real, tons of people would get them, though.

    Comment by DitigalAgitation [Member] — 03/02/06 @ 17:56

  11. Indeed,it is true, it's always true. Comments ain't even necessary.

    Comment by fullmetal426 [Visitor] — 04/06/08 @ 12:52

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