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Whatcha gonna do when the sun goes down?

Filed under: Posts — SunDub @ 10:17:27 am

Now, I live in Hawaii and most people just think surf and beaches and bikinis and whatnot when they ask me what I like to do the most. While those are all great, especially bikinis, I am definitely more about what goes on after dark. In Hawaii, we don't have the same attractions as people on the mainland but some of the best places to form memories are at different house stops, gatherings, and parties.
One of my favorite memories was finally talking to a high school crush at a paty my best friend dragged us too. We all just wanted to go drink cause in Hilo, where I was at the time, no more nothing really to do but that. My boy, Tai, decided to take us to a this two-story, BYOB, house paty that was filled a plethora of local college co-eds, including one young lady who I so foolishly asked to take a picture with me after a track meet. My line, "Great race, you wanna take a picture with me?" After dark is where it is in Hawaii no matter where you're at. Aloha.

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