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Even paradise has it's dark days...

Filed under: Posts — SunDub @ 08:19:01 am

Howzit going? I just learned that someone I knew for many years and saw all the time on-campus and in the housing at UH-Manoa passed away this weekend. From what I've heard, they aren't too sure if he had been drinking as it was his birthday. He was 23 years old and about to graduate. Death always seem to make you step back and think about your own life. Oftentimes, we all take for granted what we have in our lives and forget that life can end so quickly and when we least exect it.
If you're here on vacation or moving please remember to be safe. Hawaii is amazing but do not let it's beauty hypnotize you into forgetting that life flies by. You might miss something important or forget that we only have one chance to surf the wave of life. Live a life without regret but do not forget to take care. Even in paradise, there are dark days. The light always comes back out or may not even have left; we still have to endure the dark. Aloha.

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