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GUY GIRL Abbreviations (GGA)

Filed under: Posts — Juji @ 06:47:58 pm

Given we live in a mad, modern day and age where communication is faster and more immediate than ever, seems like we're gettin' lazier with our words. Just look at LOL (Laugh Out Loud) and WTF (What The Fuck). I read a three-page list the other day of such abbreviations and some of them were downright stupid, like IMHO (in my humble opinion) and NIMBY (not in my back yard). Before you know we'll have abbreviations like IMARCGAFHOTHW (I met a really cute guy and fucked him over the weekend). Well, I'm sad to report I didn't, but rumour has it one of our featured bloggers did??? Maybe IMARCGAFHNW (I'll meet a really cute guy and fuck him next weekend). Or, with the way my sex life is at the moment, maybe I'll SHWTC (Stay home with the cat).

So, Abbreviations for Guys and Gals:

GAL: LGM (Let's Get Married)
GUY: HCOTBOMA (Hey, Check out this blackhead on my arse)

GAL: MMMGYMMH (More, more, more. God you make me hot)
GUY: RMTPISSOTWHFTR (Remind me to pick up some spuds on the way home for tomorrow night's roast) - true story!

GAL: INY (I need you)
GUY: WTR (Where's The Remote?)

GAL: IGAH (I've got a headache)
GUY: MT.WURIBLYFF (Me too. Will you rub it, but lick your fingers first?)

GAL: WMFEO (We're made for each other)
GUY: WAAHJT (What about a head job then?)

GAL: ARAIDC (Are you awake? I didn't cum)
GUY: DNS (Deep nasal snore)

GAL: WAICTW (Wake up. I'm climbing the walls)
GUY: WYV (Where's Your Vibrator?)

GAL: INTHT (I need the human touch)
GUY: WAAHJT (What about a head job then?)

GAL: AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH (No explanation needed)

In thinking about past or present sex partners. What is it that makes some guys really giving lovers and others selfish, think-with-their-dick morons? Is it a matter of intelligence, caring or what? I've had a share of both. What about you? Juji x

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