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Le Femme Fatale

Filed under: Posts — Juji @ 04:32:02 pm

After being on somewhat of a fitness frenzy for the last month or so, I'm feeling pretty great. I've been doing quite a strenuous form of yoga three or four times a week, walking every day and getting into the surf whenever possible. As I tone up, what's really hitting home is the magic of the human body. After a few weeks of concerted effort, which has actually been a lot of fun, my energy levels are up, I've lost weight and I'm really starting to feel the strength in my body. Which brings me to this week's topic - the female form.

We humans tend to spend so much time living in our ever-thinking heads, it's easy to forget how to live fully in one's body and appreciate it for its cleverness and beauty. If you get the chance, take a close look at Renoir's paintings of the female body - they are mesmerising. It seems that while he painted he may have been thinking about how the soft, curvy body might feel to touch, rather than how it might look.

So, I'm making a pretty good discovery - that I actually like my own body. Mine surely isn't perfect, but I now know it doesn't need to be. What it achieves in one day is really quite amazing. It also seems to have an intelligence of its own. I'm not much of a drinker but I had a beer the other day while watching the Men's Singles Australian Open. While it went down okay, my clever little bod protested quick smart and made me chuck it up just as quick smart - and no I hadn't drunk a dozen, just one.

So I'm thinking about what it is about the female body that makes it so appealing. Sure, the male body has its own beauty too, but I might tackle that one once I've had a fresh experience of what it's like to touch. Do women love and appreciate their bodies, or are they locked up in a bitter and never-ending battle with it? Do you like and accept certain parts, but not the whole lot? What do guys, in particular, like about the female form? Over the next week, whether you're male or female, if you take a close look at a woman just while taking the bus or something (and I'm not talking about staring gapingly at her main bits), see if you can notice any specific things about the female body that make it so enticing - the way the hair falls, the expression in the eyes, the shape of the legs and so on. Please be discreet. If you get told where to get off, don't come crying to me. If you want to, maybe we'll do the male body next week - in the meantime, I'll work on getting myself some work experience. Juji x


Doctors and Nurses

Filed under: Posts — Juji @ 08:09:14 pm

Okay, so we've all probably been through our fair share of relationships, had our hearts chewed up and spat out, had heady highs and lows, loved and lost, had utterly mind-blowing sex, ordinary sex and everything in between. (Well, at least I have anyway). The more I look around, the more I see people wondering where the hell they fit into the crazy, complicated love/sex stakes. What makes it so complicated? I mean it's the most natural thing in the world, isn't it? Is it us crazy humans who screw it up? Or life's pressures or what? I've been reminiscing a little about the simple early experiences of childhood days - the days when we knew what we wanted, knew who we loved and had oh-so-much-fun!

I mean there was this gorgeous boy I was in love with in Grade 2 (do you have Grade 2? Anyhow, I was about 8). The memory of playing doctors and nurses with him behind the shelter sheds still has me tingling now, and I do get the occasional urge to track him down and finish what we started. Then there was Grade 3. This guy (with red hair and freckles - not that there's anything wrong with that) was in love with me, and offered to give me his 300-piece marble collection if I changed sides and barracked for his footy team. Given marbles were super hot property then (along with footy cards) I agreed, but that's as far as he got with me. I had the misfortune of attending an all girls' school in High School, but thankfully my parents had the foresight to book me into one with two boys' schools just down the road. (My love for the male sex started early and thankfully hasn't waned.) It goes without saying that most of my time was spent hanging around the oval giggling with my girlfriends and flirting with the guys on the way to excursions. My next love (or at least the next one I can remember) was sublime. We'd go out, get along great, have a fantastic time and that was it. Too easy, non-complicated.

In case you're curious (and too bad if you're not 'cos I'm gonna tell you anyway), I lost my virginity in a car parked on the front lawn outside my folks' house - while my grandmother was home! Very romantic huh? Long story...maybe another time... But in the meantime, it might do us all a whole lotta good if we think back to some of our early loves - the ones we haven't thought about in years, but the memories of which are there and are special in some way...and, of course, I need you to share them with me. If I can tell you the circumstances under which I lost my virginity, you can tell me anything.

Juji x


BRT - Band Replacement Therapy

Filed under: Posts — Juji @ 03:30:19 pm

So, my fav band has just split up. There goes three nights per week of being frivolous, chilling, laughing, drinking, dancing and pissing blues off into the wind. Thursday, Friday and Sunday nights were gig nights. I arranged my life around them. I could now sit around and lament. I could ring the guys up 'cos I know them and beg and plead and cry and dribble. I could ask them to re-arrange their lives and get back together for the sole and entire purpose of keeping my social life intact. I could run down the street naked screaming like a mad woman (always wanted to do that), or I could slit my wrists. But, being the woman of substance I am, I shall lament, cry, dribble, perhaps do the naked dash ('cos now I have a good excuse), and then move on.

After all, it's a great opportunity, right? I mean I now need to get off my comfy arse (ass in your lingo I think), actually be proactive and find myself new social outlets. I need to think about what I want to do and where. I need to do a little research and, god forbid, make some decisions. Furthermore, I may even need to make some plans.

So, these are my thoughts, and any suggestions you have are much appreciated:

- Connect with all of the friends I've seriously neglected while being a groupie (without the sex).
- Open my mind to the fact that there are other good bands around (and consider having sex with them).
- Do some Latin dance classes (which are just about as good as sex).
- Have lots of sex. (No comment necessary).

What the hell am I gonna do with myself? Juji x


A Little Lubrication

Filed under: Posts — Juji @ 04:33:19 pm

Okay, so I'm going through a lull - a bit of a dry patch sexually speaking one could say. Since I flinged my f buddy due to gross inconsideration, I've been laying low - just in the sex stakes, not in the life stakes. I've been swimming, surfing (or trying to), beach walking, yoga-ing (such a word?), climbing, frisbeeing and basically loving all the sun and fun on offer in Melbourne's glorious summer. I did mention somewhere along the line living voyeuristically through you guys. It's just a temporary thing. After a very active, 12-day summer hol, I'm tanned, toned, feelin' hot and just about ready to re-activate my radar prrretty soon, but in the meantime I'd love to hear about your highest sexual highs.

I mean, what makes it so great? Is it the closeness and affection you share with someone, or is it the physical act and release? Is it better when you have both the relationship and the sex or can casual sex be awesome? While I can definitely answer YES to the latter, I wonder if it's really that memorable, or whether relationship sex takes a firmer hold in our memories. I really want to try and pinpoint some specifics, like people's views on having sex while pissed or stoned (I personally prefer reality), or whether sex aids make it better. Is it the slow, attentive sex that works for you or the fast and furious? While I know it's a pretty individual thing, I'd really like to come up with a list of 10 or so things that are essential to good sex. Being out of the loop for a while, this gal needs to get herself prepared. Juji x


New Years Eve Kisses

Filed under: Posts — Juji @ 04:13:27 pm

Given the time of year, I've been having thoughts about New Years Eve - and unless you live on another planet, who could help it. To put it bluntly, it gives me the utter shits. It's a royal pain in the arse, with all this huge build up and pressure to have a wonderful bloody time in a drunken stupor. If you do, great but I reckon many people end up disappointed 'cos they don't meet up with the expectation.

A girlfriend asked me what was wthe best NYE I'd ever had - and boy did I have to think about it - none of them were terribly memorable - except one I spent with a good gay friend on the top of a hill by the beach with a bottle of good bubbles.

And what about all the kissing at midnight? Do you guys and gals go for all the saliva exchanging with strangers or do you hate it? I personally don't mind a good pash now and again, except when drunken slobs use it as an excuse to stick their tongue too far down your throat.

I wasn't gonna tell you what I did this NYE. It's a bit embarrassing, but hey what the hell. I'm in a pretty sleepy seaside town called Anglesea. It is divine, but NYE is no big deal, with most of the festivities taking place 30 minutes up the road at Lorne. I thought I'd have a quiet one, was moseying around town with a girlfriend, and noticed a duo singing a few numbers under a tent by the river. I go "OK, so we'll give it a go". We want back to the hol house, grabbed a rug and my favourite new drink (Choc-Whip Smoothie - 15% alcohol), and settled in for a night of soulful sounds and cool vibes - only to discover the duo belonged to a Christian Association and sang to us about Jesus. Jesus! Respectful of all people's beliefs I am, but me sitting there listening to Jesus songs on NYE was enough to make we wanna chew my arm off. Needless to say, we packed up, left, finished the bottle of smoothie and called it a night.

Given mine was rather dull, I wanna hear about your NYE - either this one or others. I need to get my fun somehow, even if its through you. Juji x

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