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Like a Bee to Honey

Filed under: Posts — Juji @ 05:10:22 pm

Hi all, This week I'm looking for some tips from you. I've decided I'm in need of a little lovin' in my life - someone to adore me, love me, idolise me, shower me with pressies, listen to my problems, provide sensible solutions and fuck me silly whenever I want. The guys I've met lately are as boring as batshit. I wanna know where there's a smorgasbord of hot, warm-hearted, life-smart and stimulating guys - if such a thing exists.

Where you gals are meetin' your guys, and where are you hot, warm-hearted, life-smart, stimulating guys hangin' out?

If you happen to be in Melbourne, all the better. While this little bee will go out of her way to meet a sweet honey, don't know that she can buzz half way across the world at the mo. But, wherever you are on the planet, tell me where you met yours and I'll gravitate my pretty tail to similar places. Where's best?

Please don't tell me to get on with my life and the right thing'll happen at the right time. I already get on with my life. Please hurry before I'm forced to go wing it to the shopping centre, sit on Santa's lap and find out if there's anything interesting under that fluffy red suit.

Oh and BTW, no need to fill in your URL and all that if you don't want. If, like me, you're a bit of a technological retard, so be it. Some of us are simply better at the finer things in life - like lovin'. Juji x

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