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Pick, Pluck and Preen in Private!

Filed under: Posts — Juji @ 03:38:05 am

I was on the train the other day - feeling mortified! One woman was curling her eyelashes while another plucked stray hairs - from her chin! Whoa! While I'm all for beauty enhancers, I wish these women wouldn't practise them on the friggin' train. We don't need the world to see the before shot - the after shot'll do just as well thanks. It's basically sending out a message that says, "I look like an elephant's ass in my natural state, and have to go to all this effort to look half decent." The hair plucker was also making a definite statement about the fact that she has hairs on the wrong end of her head in the first place. If she weren't plucking, no one would've ever noticed. Women's beauty is all the more attractive if it's shrouded in mystery, and secret women's business should be just that - secret.

Seeing a woman touch up her lippy is fine - it's actually a bit cheeky and flirtatious. Applying full make-up in public is gross - especially given the unseemly facial contortions we tend to make while doing it. If we don't draw the line at some point, before you know it people'll be flossing their teeth and clipping their toenails at the bus stop. Dental goo and toenails have a tendency to fling, and I don't fancy being pinged in the eye by a spit-filled wad or a toe talon. Nor do I fancy one landing in my latte. Which reminds me, while I've seen the odd guy take a shave while driving, seeing a guy brush his teeth and take an almighty foam-filled spit out the window was pretty nasty. Yeah, I know we're all human, but while we might occasionally squeeze an ingrown hair from our nether regions, or have the odd scrape at the inside of a nostril, picking, plucking and preening should definitely be done in private.

What's the most embarrassing thing you've seen someone do it public? I'm wondering too whether Americans are more or less discreet that us Aussies? I hope so.

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