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Kuhio Day

Filed under: Posts — SunDub @ 01:01:56 pm

Howzit everybody. Yesterday was a holiday here in Hawaii, Kuhio Day, so I observed that. It is in honor of Prince Jonah Kuhio. Prince Kuhio was also known as the Merrie Monarch because of his demeanor. Each year in Hilo on the Big Island, hula halaus from each island gather to compete against one another. The Merrie Monarch Festival is a week long and features performances in different hula categories. It is quite the site to behold. If you can't watch it live, the event is showcased on local television so if you're out here, check it out, it'll be something to behold.

For all of you who are planning on coming out here... the weather is horrible. Now, most people I tell this to tell me, "But it's Hawaii." Which is true, this is Hawaii. However, I don't think spending your Spring Break in rain and in dirty water is what you want to do. With the recent massive amounts of rains, the ocean has become polluted from run-off and a sewage line broke to leak tons of wastewater into the ocean. State health officials are monitoring the bacteria level but still I would say it's not worth chancing. Try a different island than Kauai or Oahu. The ocean should be better on other islands.

Best of luck to those of you who head out this way. Aloha.

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