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A Romantic Rendezvous

Filed under: Posts — Juji @ 05:09:33 pm

Even though it's chilly in Melbourne, I still like to start my day at my favourite cafe with a good, strong latte. Nothing like caffeine to get the heart pumping in the morning and, being single, there ain't much other opportunity for heart pumping activities in the morning. I could go for a walk but that's boring. Last Wednesday, as I leisurely flicked through the paper nursing the a coffee, a bit of welcomed winter sun warmed my back. Suddenly, a gentle voice behind me asked, "Would you like some company?" I turned and was instantly mesmerised by a ruggedly handsome, but mischievously boyish face. "Sure", I replied. He sat down next to me, pulling the chair close so his knees almost touched mine. There was no mistaking the instant electricity I felt.

He gazed into my face, his eyes fixed on mine. He smiled cheekily and, out of nowhere, asked if I'd like him to massage my neck! Weak in the face of a melting massage, I succumbed to him. He stood behind me, his body close to mine, and gently moved my hair away from my neck. The world stood still. He started to work his fingers into my muscles, slowly, working lightly at first, but then more firmly, honing in on the core of each knot and exerting just the right amount of pressure. He had a knowing knack that was perfectly in tune with me. I felt myself letting go, surrendering completely to the moment. A small part of me knew this was reckless, another part of me felt too good to really care. After what seemed like an eternity, he stopped with a gentle caress and said, "See you next Wednesday", and was gone without another word.

There's a raspy lick on my face, and the smell of rank fish breath pierces my nostrils and wakes me from my dream. My cat, Little Kitty Peabody (yeah, the name's a long story), is staring into my face about a centimetre from me, her whiskers poking me up my nostrils. So much for my romantic dream! I'm single, I sleep with my cat and she wants feeding - now. How unromantic.

What ever happened to romance? Does it still exist? What's the most romantic experience (preferably not in the dream state) that you ever had? I'm off to the Mystic Mountains for a few days and hope to return with a ream of romantic stories. I'll keep you posted. Juji x

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